[freenet-support] Bug report

2004-02-07 Thread Johnix
Hello, I'm using build 5065 on GNU/Linux on i386, with j2sdk1.4.0_02. I got the following messages. Generally, whenever I leave my freenet node running a few hours, it ends up running out of memory (I have 256Mo And 500Mo swap), using a lot of CPU (I have a P3 700 and a 512/128kbps DSL

[freenet-support] tempDir filling up with files

2004-02-07 Thread Nomen Nescio
Running build 6468 on Linux 2.6.2 with Blackdown-1.4.2-rc1 VM, I get lots of temp-*-1-* files in store/temp which don't go away after being closed. Only a node restart will delete them. The files appear and stay even if there is no client software running.

[freenet-support] Stable build 5066 - stable branch network reset, merged rate limiting

2004-02-07 Thread Toad
Freenet stable build 5066 is now available. The snapshots have been updated. Get it via the update.sh script on Linux, BSD, or OS/X, or use the freenet-webinstall.exe utility to update on Windows, or get the jar from http://freenetproject.org/snapshots/freenet-latest.jar . All stable branch users