[freenet-support] Re: How to increase JVM max allocateable memory

2004-02-12 Thread Rudolf Krist
Niklas Bergh wrote: Set JavaMem to 256M or similar. Run java -X for documentation on that parameter. Hmmm.. Looks like 'Jflags=-Xmx320m' really should have handled this if.. At least if it is used and if it was set to '-Xmx320M'... JavaMem works, I asked because some months ago I had the

Re: [freenet-support] Re: tempDir filling up with files

2004-02-12 Thread Jim Dixon
On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Someone wrote: Another bug that we've fixed about two hundred times already. Argh. I'm sorry to say, but it's still present in 5068. It has 120 Megs of temp files after 15 hours of use. I see the same pattern with 5068. -- Jim Dixon [EMAIL PROTECTED] tel +44 117 982

[freenet-support] routing table

2004-02-12 Thread Robert Greenage
which folder in windows contains the routing table that needs to be deleted in order to free up memory? --- Robert Greenage --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] --- EarthLink: It's your Internet. ___ Support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]