[freenet-support] some stack traces for 5074

2004-03-06 Thread Nomen Nescio
Running build 5074 on Linux 2.6.3 with Blackdown-1.4.2-rc1. 06.03.2004 07:24:19 (freenet.node.Node, YThread-22, ERROR): Error while receiving message freenet.Message: Accepted @[EMAIL PROTECTED] MuxConnectionHandler[conn=[tcp/connection: raddr:rportlocal,[EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED],

[freenet-support] Build 5073 : RouteNotFound Fetching (running) freenet.exe ???

2004-03-06 Thread notmyrealemail
Hello, Build 5073 seems to connect very poorly and the log is filled with this kind of messages : 16:25:39RouteNotFound Fetching (running) freenet:[EMAIL PROTECTED],Zt29QUMcl6ozbq4MqdSOhQ as freenet.exe for DistributionServlet - 16:25:59RouteNotFound Fetching (running)

[freenet-support] freenet commitment settings

2004-03-06 Thread Joe Blow
Ok, here's the deal. I've made commitment to freenet, I beleive in it. So, I got a dedicated DSL connection for it (I use cable for work). However, after a couple of days of leaving my node going, I still can't even get to YoYo from the start page, and I almost have 1GB in my store. Frost isn't