[freenet-support] some interesting things from my logs

2004-09-26 Thread NickP
Every 30 seconds or so I get messages of the form (freenet.support.io.NIOInputStream, YThread-43, NORMAL): waited more than 12ms in NIOIS.read() tcp/connection: ... closing in my log. Sometimes 3 or 4 these come together, sometimes it takes 4 minutes before I see another one. I am using WinXP,

Re: [freenet-support] JVM Launcher Error

2004-09-26 Thread Roger Hayter
In message [EMAIL PROTECTED], Newsbyte [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes Then why are you responding, and rudely even? I don't think English is his first language.. sound familiar? Indeed, but you are mistaken in the perceived familiarity. It had/has NOTHING to do with his english, or spelling, or