[freenet-support] Null Pointer Exception on FCP

2009-08-14 Thread CyberLeo
Attempting to connect via FCP to a node that has its 'seized' protection set to 'high', but hasn't had the password entered to unlock it yet, logs a NullPointerException in the wrapper.log[1] and closes the connection. [1] wrapper.log.gz -- Thanks! -CyberLeo wrapper.log.gz Description:

[freenet-support] No connections at all with build 1230

2009-08-14 Thread freenet
Ever since I upgraded to build 1230 I've never been able to establish a connection to any other freenet nodes on the open-net. The statistics page shows: Disconnected: 20 Seed nodes: 18 for the last 48+ hours. I'm running on Mac OS 10.5.7 which is at Java 1.6.0_13 so of course I get the