Re: [freenet-support] Windows testers needed

2010-01-11 Thread VolodyA! V Anarhist
Matthew Toseland пишет: We need some help with debugging the windows installer. There are a few configurations that our windows expert doesn't have easy access to. Please could you respond to this mail if you can help? We need people with: 64-bit Windows in general Windows 7 Cyrillic,

[freenet-support] How to use the freenet mailing list using pan newsreader

2010-01-11 Thread user1
I find it easier to use a newsreader (I use Pan, as it has worked very well for me) instead of your e-mail client for managing your mailing lists. Install Pan using synaptic (in ubuntu). Add as news server: Pan - Edit - Edit News Servers - Add - Add your e-mail address: Pan

Re: [freenet-support] broken link

2010-01-11 Thread steve oliver
I didn't say they were a panacea, I said those were the links to the installer files, and they are. I've tried downloading both of them using 4 different browsers, on 3 machines, two of them Macs, on 3 different networks in different geographic areas, they work fine here. If you are having

Re: [freenet-support] freenet will not launch

2010-01-11 Thread Paul Landers
Oh yeah! I had seen this issue on my other Squeeze box preventing Azureus/Vuze from binding, but it never even occurred to me this might be the Freenet issue on my second Squeeze box! Thank you! On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 8:03 PM, Evan Daniel wrote: See