[freenet-support] failure to launch

2010-06-08 Thread Darixa-DNAEntertainment
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[freenet-support] [freenet.uservoice.com] New message: 'Hi. I keep getting the following msafter ...'

2010-06-08 Thread Freenet Project Inc.
Customer Feedback for Freenet Project Inc. freenet.uservoice.com [freenet.uservoice.com] New Bug Report darix...@yahoo.com sent a message from http://freenetproject.org/lists.html [http://freenetproject.org/lists.html] Hi. I keep getting the following msg after trying to open the program

[freenet-support] Freenet 1248 and new Library and Spider plugins

2010-06-08 Thread Matthew Toseland
Freenet 0.7.5 build 1248 is out, *AND* a new version of Library and a new Spider plugin, which effectively enable use of the new index format that infinity0 developed last summer (XMLSpider is also updated; XMLSpider only supports making old format indexes, Spider only supports making new

Re: [freenet-support] getchk getchkfile with or without compression

2010-06-08 Thread Matthew Toseland
On Monday 07 June 2010 19:09:43 VolodyA! V Anarhist wrote: Matthew Toseland wrote: As I understand it Chomsky defends his copyright quite vigorously (and earns a substantial amount of money from his work). Are you absolutely sure you have the right to distribute that file? Dear