[freenet-support] New to Freenet. Need help

2015-01-18 Thread Paul Kruger
I am new to Freenet. Installed okay and have download set up but after downloading a few files I cannot find them. It says they are downloaded to temporary folder but I look in /temp and it has a ton of files, none of which seem to be the files I downloaded. There seems to be no button in

[freenet-support] Why are you telline ME this???

2015-01-18 Thread Jim Whitney
Datastore(PUBKEY-cache) maintenance in progress: 445568/502974. Freenet is rebuilding the slot filter index for your datastore, probably because Freenet did not shut down properly at some point. This allows Freenet to access the disk a lot less, but rebuilding the indexes will involve some

Re: [freenet-support] Website bug: can't use menus on mobile Firefox

2015-01-18 Thread James Cook
I'm not exactly a web development expert :-) Here's one idea if you have the time: on the About and every other page you can get to from the About menu, show all the places under the About menu somewhere, for example on a side panel to the left. I sort of expected to be able to click News from