Re: [freenet-support] unable to install fnet1474

2016-06-15 Thread Arne Babenhauserheide
Hi Steven, Can you give us some additional information? And maybe check whether you can find an answer in the knowledge base? Best wishes, Arne Steven Richard writes: > ___ > Support mailing list >

[freenet-support] unable to install fnet1474

2016-06-15 Thread Steven Richard
Fnet crashed after the attack.  The only thing I could do was uninstall.  I downloaded and installed 1474, however it rolled back to 1459.  I uninstalled and reinstalled with several different versions several times, all resulting in no node connections and usually running 1459 regardless of the

Re: [freenet-support] safe to send noderef by email

2016-06-15 Thread Fritz Wuehler
jelbert nl wrote: > Hi, > > If I want to invite friends to freenet would it be safe to exhange the > noderef bij email or exhange them on a forum? Or is the only secure way to > exhange them by a physical meeting and excange usb sticks? > > > Cheers, > > Jelbert Hi Jelbert. Exchanging by usb