Re: [freenet-support] Freenet and ISP info

2016-12-09 Thread Freenet
Freenet does not use the normal internet, you can find Freenet content at Anything you visit or do over the normal internet has no interaction with Freenet and as such it will not change or hide your IP, or browsing habits. Tech Planet: > Hi, > I currently have downloaded

[freenet-support] REMOVE FREENET

2016-12-09 Thread Nuno lemos
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[freenet-support] Freenet and ISP info

2016-12-09 Thread Tech Planet
Hi, I currently have downloaded freenet, my security settings are normal. In the firefox browser I search myip It shows the name of my ISP, OS and location, the location is about 40 miles away from my exact location. Im wondering am I still secure? Im I doing something wrong? Is this normal to