Re: [freenet-support] OT where devl maillist is gone

2003-02-07 Thread Frank v Waveren
to reenable delivery on that account. Still, it's kind of overkill... -- Frank v Waveren Fingerprint: 21A7 C7F3 fvw@[||] ICQ#100741001FF3 47FF 545C CB53 Public key: hkp:[EMAIL PROTECTED]7BD9 09C0 3AC1 6DF2

Re: [freenet-support] Freenet under a chroot

2004-11-07 Thread Frank v Waveren
is appreciated. /etc/nsswitch.conf perhaps? -- Frank v Waveren Fingerprint: 9106 FD0D [EMAIL PROTECTED]|] ICQ#10074100 D6D9 3E7D FAF0 92D1 Public key: hkp:// 3931 90D6 8D54 EB90

Re: [freenet-support] Modem lines MTU?

2005-01-19 Thread Frank v Waveren
=Higher latency. It matters less on most modern ADSL and cable modems as they're high-bandwidth which is throttled, but there are older cable modems where it does give a marked latency decrease. -- Frank v Waveren Fingerprint: BDD7 D61E [EMAIL PROTECTED]|

Re: [freenet-support] Bandwidth limiting of outgoing traffic...

2005-08-08 Thread Frank v Waveren
. -- Frank v Waveren Key fingerprint: BDD7 D61E [EMAIL PROTECTED] 5D39 CF05 4BFC F57A Public key: hkp:// FA00 7D51 468D 62C8 signature.asc Description: Digital signature