Re: [freenet-support] Re: unsubscribe

2002-08-25 Thread Stef

I'm new to this mailing list (eight days ago), but perhaps I can help you:

After my subscription I received a mail with the subject Welcome to the support 
mailing list from support-
This was in the body:

Welcome to the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list!

To post to this list, send your email to:


General information about the mailing list is at:

If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your options (eg, switch to
or from digest mode, change your password, etc.), visit your
subscription page at:

You can also make such adjustments via email by sending a message to:


with the word `help' in the subject or body (don't include the
quotes), and you will get back a message with instructions.

You must know your password to change your options (including changing
the password, itself) or to unsubscribe.  It is:


If you forget your password, don't worry, you will receive a monthly
reminder telling you what all your mailing list
passwords are, and how to unsubscribe or change your options.  There
is also a button on your options page that will email your current
password to you.

You may also have your password mailed to you automatically from the
Web page noted above.
Another way is to surf to and fill in your 
email address in the bottom next to the button Edit Options.

I hope I could help you.



  Betreff:Re: [freenet-support] Re: unsubscribe
  Datum:  Sun, 25 Aug 2002 08:54:20 +


[snipped: angry mailing list users]

  list members to draw their own conclusions as to Mr Davies.

  John Foss

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Re: [freenet-support] Attn.: webmaster of fmb and anyone else that can help

2002-09-03 Thread Stef

I can't believe that Frost causes the corrupt datastore bug.
This bug happens very often, when a datatore is near full.

That's a good idea to use a Freenet-only machine on LAN,
and then use the FCP connection to this machine for
client applications. (stability, security, ...)

Do you use an up to date version of the Java Runtime Environment?
And a stable one? What's the output of java -version? 
Try it with a new version from

I use the Sun JRE version 1.4. My permanent node runs well with FMB, Frost
and FProxy (surfing) on the same machine. No problem with BlueScreens, 
rarely corrupt DS bug, but bad memory management on WinME.


Am 03.09.2002 17:36:13, schrieb [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

On Sun, 25 Aug 2002 13:50:26 +0200, you wrote:

You know I'm beginning to think the data store bug might have
something to do with Frost.

I recently set up a freenet only machine and use the local network to
connect and use its freenet ports.

Everything works well except Frost. I've install NT4 WIN2K and XP as
the OS and always get the same two results. 1 The blue screen crash,
or it runs and the data store corrupts. 

Maybe its the box, but i doubt it since i put freenet on this little
600 amd because it was one the machine i had that never goes down.

So frostless it is for my main node.

Since i've been frostless for a week, i've done deliberate resets,
have data store files spread around the lan ,2 on a fast unstable
machine, had a couple of power outages and one small tornado,
and not even ahint of a problem.

Anecdotal and spurious i know, but so far its No Frost, No Problems.


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Re: [freenet-support] Im an idiot

2002-09-21 Thread Stef

Here you can find help:

On Frost Boards: frost_help, frost, newbie, freenet, fmb

Good luck!

Am 21.09.2002 11:06:05, schrieb Skitso Freak [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

I am new to frenet and know nothing
I DL freenet and got it working(it has not errors and is running)
and I DL frost.  I have yet to figure out how to view any freesites or dl 
any files using frost.

my web browser is mozilla.  any one want to help a newb?

Perfect Paranoia is perfect awareness!

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Re: [freenet-support] Carrying Over The Datastore

2002-11-26 Thread Stef
Am 26.11.2002 00:23:30, schrieb Todd Walton [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

I've just fresh installed the latest build.  Is there a way to take the 
datastore from my old node, and give it to my new node?  I tried copying 
over store_X, but that didn't seem to work.  Edition based sites that I 

In Freenet0.4 with the encrypted datastore the node used node_* to access
and to decrypt the datastore.

I don't know if every node in Freenet0.5 uses the DS in the same way.
Perhaps you can only use your existing datastore with a node on the SAME
FNP port and with the specific node_* file??
In this case you can feed your new node with the routing files from the
old one (to keep your good references to other Freenet nodes).
It's in the lsnodes_* and rtprops_*.
(every * in my answer means the FNP port number)

could always access before are now DNF.  I know they're in the old 
datastore.  Any ideas?

Thank you.



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Re: [freenet-support] No frequest.exe or finsert.exe

2002-11-26 Thread Stef
Am 25.11.2002 22:27:20, schrieb Frank Stoeckl [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

i have a bit problem using the current freenet release for windows.
I installed freenet and wanted to use frost, so i downloaded the latest 
frost release 010714.

You got a very old Frost version... Where did you get it?

The official website of the Frost developer is:

The newest files under
are called and; they contains the
same version. It's the Frost release from 12-Nov-2002.

But on every start frost is complaining about a missing frequest.exe and 

I searched my whole HD with F3, but Windows couldn't find any frequest or 
finsert :-(
What did I made wrong?

I can't find this files either. They are perhaps from the old Freenet0.3 times?
Frost (newest version) and Freenet0.5 works great.

I just installed freenet.

Can somebody help me?


Codito Ergo Sum.

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Re: [freenet-support] unstable builds

2002-11-29 Thread Stef
Am 29.11.2002 00:41:49, schrieb Der Vagabund [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

Hi Matthew,

have you notice that the cruft site doesn't work with the unstable builds ?
He makes a double redirection with his DBR :
the daily redirect is an redirect to an manifest, not the manifest itself.

Der Vagabund

Yes, something is strange. The site is always retrievable, but something with
the timing is wrong:

retrieved DBR version   date of the latest article on Cruft
../cruft//?date=20021124Friday, November 22, 2002
../cruft//?date=20021125Saturday, November 23, 2002
../cruft//?date=20021126Sunday, November 24, 2002
../cruft//?date=20021127Monday, November 25, 2002
../cruft//?date=20021128Tuesday, November 26, 2002
../cruft//?date=20021129Monday, November 25, 2002

I think it's not a problem with the node build. I have Build: 627 and
I can load *all* Freesites. (or is there a different result on a stable node?)

Perhaps it's a mistake on Cruft's side (wrong version inserted)?


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Re: [freenet-support] Hi

2003-01-25 Thread Stef
Am 25.01.2003 09:30:01, schrieb Nizar Khachik [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

Dear Sir/Madam,
Is your program by pass the proxy in UAE  Saudi and kindly advise how
to configure the software to be best effective and quick ?

The Freenet Daemon must be able to connect to other nodes on the Internet.
FNP (Freenet Node Protocol) now uses TCP; the most nodes listen on ports
between 1024 and 65535. If your Internet Service Provider allows to
establish those connection to the Internet, then you can run Freenet.
If your ISP allows only connections to the Internet by standard services
like WWW, eMail, news, [...] over their proxyservers then you have bad luck.

Freenet works best on a fast computer with a fast Internet connection;
on a fixed IP address and a open TCP port (other nodes tries to contact
your node on this port) and when you run Freenet all the time.

If you can run Freenet, then there's no limit for information,
no possibility to censor something.

Freenet is beta software. It's possible that Freenet works better/
over more connection types (like over eMail) and other things
in a higher version. Try it out!



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Re: [freenet-support] Always keep old freenet builds

2003-01-25 Thread Stef
Am 25.01.2003 14:37:38, schrieb GeckoX [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

Hash: SHA1

Hopefully with the problems that people had with 544, they shouldn't have 
any problem with the new 547 problems. Just rollback the build to the last 
known good build, 546 and you'll be good to go.

Now, if one didn't learn from the 544 problems and didn't backup their old 
version before upgrading, there's not much that can be done...

On  you can find all files.
(but you don't know which build is in which TGZ-file... :(  )

The Windows snapshot updater always gets the file freenet-latest.jar.
We know that it has been compiled on January 25th and it contains the
build 547. 
I suppose that people without a backup can extract the older build from
the TGZ-file made on the day before:
Extract the freenet.jar file from freenet-20030124.tgz in your
Freenet program directory. I bet that you'll have now build 546.
(if not then try freenet-20030123.tgz)



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Ignorance is strength.
War is peace.
-- George Orwell

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Re: [freenet-support] Native FEC support

2003-01-29 Thread Stef
Am 29.01.2003 12:22:05, schrieb Niklas Bergh [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

This just appeared in my console:

C:\Program Files\Freenet 0.5java -Xmx200m -jar freenet.jar
Sending redirect: /servlet/SFRequest/__ID_626c9c3e_ID__/status_main

htl: 15
blockHtl   : 15
retries: 4
retryHtlIncrement  : 5
healHtl: 15
healPercentage : 20
threads: 10
doParanoidChecks   : true
forceSave  : true
skipDS : false
useUI  : true
runFilter  : true
filterParanoidStringCheck  : false

Unable to find native library for fec8
Unable to find native library for fec16

Should fred be able to find a native library for fec (and if so where)?

Fred uses a own library. If you want to use a fast platform specific
native implementation, then you have to use the Onion FEC library:

AFAIK you can find something on the Nubile-freesite, but it's perhaps outdated.
(I never used this native code)

I ran updatesnapshot about 2 hrs ago.

It's not a problem in fred builds, this Unable to find native library for fecX
is a status message; there's nothing wrong.



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support mailing list

Re: [freenet-support] Building from Source on OS X--Packages not Found

2003-01-29 Thread Stef
Am 29.01.2003 18:38:06, schrieb Aaron Davies [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

I'm trying to build from the latest source release, and I get

bash-2.05a$ make
jikes -bootclasspath lib/freenet-ext.jar -sourcepath src -d build  
src/freenet/client/*.java src/freenet/client/cli/*.java

Found 2 system errors:

*** Error: Could not find package java/util in:

You have to download this file (freenet-ext.jar) and to put it
in the ./lib directory.

Here are the specific lines in Build.bat:

if exist lib\freenet-ext.jar goto haveext
echo freenet-ext.jar not found:
echo Please download
echo into the lib directory.
goto end

echo Building the Freenet node and servlets...


*** Error: Could not find package java/lang in:

make: *** [client] Error 1

My CLASSPATH appears to be unset, which is probably the problem. What 
should I set it to? I'm running 10.2.3 w/Developer package.
/  )  /  )
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Re: [freenet-support] Re: Freenet port usage

2003-02-03 Thread Stef
Am 03.02.2003 10:07:31, schrieb bdonlan [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
Hash: SHA1

On Monday 03 February 2003 04:01 am, Victor Denisov wrote:
 Hmm, still hadn't received a reply through a mailing list, so I'm answering
 by looking at the archive.

 Of course, all outgoing ports are open for an IP address that Freenet is
 bound to. The problem is that Freenet seems to listen for _incoming_
 connections on absolutely random ports. I recall reading somewhere that

The port is selected randomly when you configure freenet for the first time 
and can be found in freenet.conf or freenet.ini. IIRC, it's 'listenPort', but 
I'm not sure.

Yes, there's a line in the config file:
# The port to listen for incoming FNP (Freenet Node Protocol) connections on.

It's a randomly chosen port by the setup or by the generation of the config file.
This port is usually between 1024 and 65535, the node announce itself ONLY
with the current IP address and the chosen FNP port. (that's a node reference,
look in the seednodes.ref-file)

Other nodes only tries to connect on the FNP-port.
I see also a lot of listening ports between 1025 and 4500, but I don't know the
reason. (see the attached text file)
Client programs uses only 8481 for the Freenet Client Protocol (FCP),
 for the browser (-mainport) and 8891 for the distribution node (if 
not deactivated).

 this is a feature -Fred contacts another Freenet node with request for data
 then drops TCP connection and waits for incoming one from that node, so as
 to conserve TCP connections during long data searches and limit amount of
 traffic and resources required for maintenance of idle connections.

 This seems wise, but only in case if a single port (or a known range of
 ports) is used to handle such incoming connections. Basic security dictates
 that _all_ ports which aren't in definite use should be closed, and if this
 rule can't be followed with current Freenet operation, I'm afraid it could
 be a real security problem for all more or less secure environments.

This situation IS a security problem. But read Freenet's port usage in my
answer above. You only need to forward the FNP port to the Freenet node.

 That's why I've asked if a knows range of ports exists for Freenet. I know
 Java a little bit, but I don't think I'll brave the code myself to find out
 exact port ranges (or if they're defined at all). If they aren't defined,
 maybe it would be possible to consider to make such an option?

 With best regards,
 Victor Denisov.

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HOWTO unsubscribe (was:Re: I want out too! (Was: Re: ****SPAM**** [freenet-support] PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME))

2003-02-07 Thread Stef
Am 07.02.2003 15:32:29, schrieb Fredrik Persson [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

  Didn't you read the notice you got sent when you subscribed? The 
  List-Unsubscribe header? Send a message to [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
  with 'unsubscribe' in the subject, or follow the link at the botton of every 
 If you click the link, you will find that it does not work.
 If you try to unsubscribe, you should find that there is a password
 required to do so, and that you need to retrieve it from the
 (unavailable) web interface.
 If you mail to the list admin about this, you will not get a reply.

It's like Hotel California: You can check out any time you like, but you can never 

I want to leave this list too.

Surely, there must be SOMEONE here who can explain how to do it?

surf to
put in your subscribed eMail address and click Edit Options.
Then you can click on Email my password to me.
You will get your password, I did it yesterday with success.

For possible actions via eMail (like unsubscribe), send
an eMail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the
subject help (without ).

Quoted from this help-mail (sent by the mailinglist):
The following describes commands you can send to get
information about and control your subscription to Mailman lists at
this site.  A command can be in the subject line or in the body of the

unsubscribe password [address]
Unsubscribe from the mailing list.  Your password must match
the one you gave when you subscribed.  If you are trying to
unsubscribe from a different address than the one you
subscribed from, you may specify it in the 'address' field.

-That means in your case:
Send an eMail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with
unsubscribe  followed by your password in the subject or
body. That's it.

I never did it, but it SHOULD work.


/Fredrik Persson

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Re: [freenet-support] freenet as my ISP

2003-02-13 Thread Stef
Am 13.02.2003 18:28:16, schrieb Jollie Harris [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
  How do I download Free net as my  ISP my computer I all ready have windows

You know that this mailinglist is for the Freenetproject (
and THIS Freenet is a peer-to-peer network, do you??
It's an anonymous and censorfree network where every user share space on their
harddisk and bandwidth. -it's different, it's not like Napster, KaZaA, ...!
(read more on )

Freenet from the Freenetproject is NOT an ISP. You need an internet connection
to run a Freenet node and to use this network.

The donation for this OpenSource project is for paying a full time coder and
other things. If you really mean this Freenet I'm talking about, send a 
second eMail to this mailinglist. We will help you to get started.
(I think you mean that Freenet is some sort of an ISP and you have to
pay for it a donation through PayPal... I'm hoping that I don't
missunderstand you...)


  XP,  how do I get Started, I would also like to know how to donate money to
  freenet in the future please send info to  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  not 
  Jollie Harris
  Why Wait? Move to EarthLink.

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