[freenet-support] NativeBigInteger and CPUID build

2004-11-26 Thread notmyrealemail
Hi, Is there a (simple) way to build NativeBigInteger and CPUID libs for stable Freenet? I would like to test any performance benefits and therefore would need instructions how to build and install these libs for my node. Thanks! ___ Support

Re: [freenet-support] Firewall with NAT and DynDNS

2004-03-24 Thread notmyrealemail
Hi, using ipAddress=xxx.is-a-geek.org works, at least for me. Remove the leading %, it is a comment sign. Also use DynDNS client to update your dynamic IP - DynDNS.org, like ddclient (if you're on linux), periodically. I am not sure, if you should also make your HOSTNAME

[freenet-support] Build 5074 : Re-seeding for dummies

2004-03-10 Thread notmyrealemail
Hi, In linux : I was able to re-seed my node by first running % ./update.sh and then touching the seednodes.ref. % touch seednodes.ref *** This will replace your routing table when you start your node again *** Anyway, now all icons load on web interface and things are really looking

[freenet-support] Build 5073 : RouteNotFound Fetching (running) freenet.exe ???

2004-03-06 Thread notmyrealemail
Hello, Build 5073 seems to connect very poorly and the log is filled with this kind of messages : 16:25:39RouteNotFound Fetching (running) freenet:[EMAIL PROTECTED],Zt29QUMcl6ozbq4MqdSOhQ as freenet.exe for DistributionServlet - 16:25:59RouteNotFound Fetching (running)