Re: [freenet-support] Freenet 0.7.5 build 1276 and my recent absence

2010-09-11 Thread test532
No, it would not become the opennet as your node is still connected to mostly 
nodes who share your interest and who also connect mostly to nodes that share 
your interest. Thus you are still having the routing advantages of small world 

If you carry that operation to everyone doing what you did then eventually the 
opennet would be a giant manually tweaked small world net, with just the odd 
random connection in there.

 I am thinking more along the lines of membership interests.  I want to be
  in the yoga darknet group but also in the tennis darknet group.  But if I
  join both, I have now bridged these two groups into a new yoga-tennis
  group.  If I was to carry this operation of members joining other darknet
  groups, eventually I end up with one single group, what we have today,
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Re: [freenet-support] Fwd: NPE and log file size of 50 GiB

2010-03-19 Thread test532
I would try this:

Enable panic button.
Downloading two files so there is at least two files downloading at once (i 
think panic button only shows if this is the case).
Click panic button.
Click yes.

it deletes your downloads and history and cache and basically resets your 
nodw, BUT, it keeps all your settings, statistics, and datastore.

it might clean up whatever corrupt state your node is in.

 I see that my error report was just ignored, maybe the problem is not
 critical (at least for others ^^).
 My new feedback: with the latest official version the node still goes
 into a 100% loop on my dual core CPU.
 But no more log entries are written. The node seem to work normally,
 the web interface works.
 I have no uploads or downloads enqueued and no FCP app is running at all.
 Freetalk and WoT plugins refuse to load now for some reason, so they
 also do not run.
 -- Forwarded message --
 Date: Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 09:44
 Subject: Fwd: NPE and log file size of 50 GiB
 No one can help me?
 Had a look into the code, and it fails here:
synchronized (FECQueue.this) {
job =
job.running = true;
 getFECJobBlockingNoDBAccess() could returns null. Isn't this handled here?
 Please help me, I canot run my node because of this :(
 -- Forwarded message --
 Date: Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 06:41
 Subject: NPE and log file size of 50 GiB
 This morning I found my node in a pitiful status. It was looping with
 100% cpu (dual core).
 The hard disk was full, no space left. Guess who eat up the space?
 Now, look at this, and check the file sizes:
 26.02.2010  05:4095.944.236 freenet-1240-2010-02-26-05-00.log.gz
 26.02.2010  05:4019.405.026.616 freenet-latest.log
 26.02.2010  05:0030.861.309.599 freenet-previous.log
   3 File(s) 50.362.280.451 bytes
 Of course I had a look into the files before I deleted them, as far as
 I can see the only
 messages that filled the log were:
 Feb 26, 2010 03:00:00:437 (freenet.client.FECQueue$2, FEC Pool 0(1),
 ERROR): Caught: java.lang.NullPointerException
at freenet.client.FECQueue$
  at Feb 26, 2010
  03:00:00:437 (freenet.client.FECQueue$2, FEC Pool 1(2), ERROR): Caught:
at freenet.client.FECQueue$
 and so on 
 One other line at top of one log:
 GRRR: ERROR: Logging too fast, chopped 1312 entries, 4718400 bytes in
 GnuPG key:   (0x48DBFA8A)
 477D F057 1BD4 1AE7 8A54 8679 6690 E2EC 48DB FA8A
 GnuPG key:   (0x48DBFA8A)
 477D F057 1BD4 1AE7 8A54 8679 6690 E2EC 48DB FA8A
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Re: [freenet-support] Global download queue slowness

2009-10-23 Thread test532
Regarding Auto-Update:

Not sure about others, but on my Linux system, I have never had a problem with 
the freenet auto update in well over a year.

- Freenet 0.7.5 Build #1237 build01237
- Freenet-ext Build #26 r23771
 Lot's of people are saying they got slow downloads. I have never bitched
 about it but I can offer you some info.
 I use WinXpPro with 1GB allocated to freenet and big rambuckets.
 The problem isn't just with this release but older ones as well.
 Downloads with high availability come as fast as ever.
 But these downloads I'm trying aren't all completely available and the ones
 that are, are almost extinct on datablocks from freenet.
 What I think happens with global queue vs non-global downloads:
 Global: FN tries one download for a while, then tries a bit from another
  one and so on. Result: Slow download
 NonGlobal: FN tries several files at the same time, when blocks are found
  it continues to leech them, the concurrent downloads that cant find
  blocks, only slow it down a bit.
 I present you with my graph. I'm downloading music from freenet.
 Look at my bandwidth meter on the top.
 Starting from the left, you can see 8 hours of downloading these tunes with
 global queue.
 On the right, you can see 2 hours of when I switched on Frost's Non-Global
 If I were to put that in numbers of downloaded bytes, non-global downloads
  3 times as much in the same time, with the same downloads.
 I have been testing this for months, but finally decided to nag about it.
 I recommend global queue that leeches the files it finds blocks for, or
 download several threads to several files at once.
 Also, the automatic update still doesn't work, just remove it.
 When it tries to update, freenet restarts 4-7 times without updating.
 Then Freenet stops and won't restart anymore. At that point, the update has
 been completed, but node is left dead or unstarted.
 Update script works as brilliant as ever, but it doesnt make use of update
 files downloaded from freenet, I'm fine with that.
 I would like a notification of a new version so I can manually run the
 update script.
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Re: [freenet-support] Freenet version

2009-10-08 Thread test532
Maybe he is reading the message wrong and it is saying his Java version is too 
old? Just a guess.

 On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 7:35 AM, wrote:
  Hi again.
  Well, I've looked there, the stats page, and also at the bottom of
  the Freenet window when it opens. It tells me the version in both
  places and they are the same, 0.7.5, Build #1236
  I downloaded it from the Freenet Project site.
 Please send replies to the support list; it makes it easier for others
 to help with the problem, and for anyone with the same problem to see
 the answer.  (Unless, of course, you're sending info you'd like kept
 I have no idea why it would be saying you need to update, given that
 you have the latest version.
 If you look at your stats page, in the Peer Statistics box, how many
 peers does it show?  Ideally, you should have a moderate number
 (~10-40, depending on bandwidth) as either CONNECTED of BACKED OFF
 (aka BUSY), with most of those CONNECTED.  If your version truly is
 old, it will show a few peers as TOO NEW.  Do you have connected
 peers?  Do you have peers that are too new?
 Evan Daniel
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