Re: [freenet-support] Question regarding legal case

2016-08-11 Thread Bryce

>These two files may be of assistance [0][1], and I believe the 

>volunteer by the name of ArneBab on FMS has posted a correction to the
>math used by LEA in regards to their black ice project [2]. Maybe try
>contacting them.
>[0] Clearnet
>[1] Clearnet
>[2] Clearnet

Curious that the clearnet links are all inaccessable!? at least when I 

Except [2] but that page links to a page that needs an account to logon.___
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[freenet-support] Restart failed download keeping current progress?

2012-08-08 Thread Bryce


I just tried downloading a large file (1.2GB) and had it get to 98.7% 
downloaded when the download gave an 'internal error' and stopped.
I see I can restart the download and it commences again from 0% - 
appears as though it is going to take another day or two to try to get 
it all again.

For when I get this error again, is there some way to restart a download 
while keeping its current downloaded portion?
The 98.7% of the file must be in a cache or something somewhere, is 
there a way for it take that and then try to recommence from the point 
where it hit the 'internal error'

(running freenet 0.7.5 build #1409 on linux)

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