[freenet-support] tweaking freenet

2010-11-06 Thread Daniel Stork
Would someone be so kind as to offer a bit of advice about tweaking freenet. I seriously do not understand what it is doing. Freenet is currently averaging about 500K / sec down and 130 k /sec up. I limited the upload to 128 k, so the uploads make sense. However, I have approx. 50 downloads

[freenet-support] changing permanent temp folder

2010-03-09 Thread Daniel Stork
Hi, I'm having problems with files stuck at 100% and having to wait hours and days for them to decode. It seems that despite having all the parts freenet just sits on it for some reason. Is there some reason for this? Would it be possible that you guys fix this? cuz it would be great not to

[freenet-support] major problems - stuck at 100%, nonresponsive

2010-01-25 Thread Daniel Stork
Hi, I'm having major problems with freenet on Windows, I have 60 downloads of which 60 have been stuck at 100% for days. Running freenet makes Windows completely unresponsive. It takes literally 10 minutes for frost to start up. This happened in the past. I deleted node.db4o and the permanent