Re: [freenet-support] fred and ipv6

2010-06-23 Thread Paul Landers
Well, interestingly enough after tearing down the tunnel, waiting 24 hours and rebuilding the tunnel Fred starts up just fine with ipv6. There's even a connection attempt to another ipv6 node. On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 9:36 PM, Paul Landers wrote: Does anyone have any

[freenet-support] fred and ipv6

2010-06-18 Thread Paul Landers
Does anyone have any success running fred ipv4 + ipv6 (I'm assuming there are some ipv6 nodes out there)? I have a functioning ipv4 node on Debian, but if I then enable ipv6 on my machine (a freenet6 tunnel) and restart fred my node never starts. wrapper.log simply says: ... INFO | jvm 1|

Re: [freenet-support] freenet will not launch

2010-01-11 Thread Paul Landers
/apps/mediawiki/freenet/index.php?title=Installing_on_POSIX for fix and links to the Debian bug reports. Evan Daniel On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 7:15 PM, Paul Landers wrote: I moved my node to a new Debian Squeeze machine, and now it will not launch.  When I invoke

[freenet-support] freenet will not launch

2010-01-10 Thread Paul Landers
I moved my node to a new Debian Squeeze machine, and now it will not launch. When I invoke ./ start these are the entries in wrapper.log: STATUS | wrapper | 2010/01/10 17:45:36 | -- Wrapper Started as Daemon STATUS | wrapper | 2010/01/10 17:45:36 | Launching a JVM... INFO | jvm 1|

[freenet-support] logged errors

2009-10-01 Thread Paul Landers
My node loses all opennet connections every few hours. A restart fixes it but it reoccurs. I'm not sure if this is related, but my freenet-latest.log contains very many of these 2 entries: Removing ack request twice? Null on 31201 from x.x.x.x ERROR): Invalid phase 0 for anonymous-initiator

Re: [freenet-support] freenet on Mac OS X 10.3.3

2004-06-11 Thread Paul Landers
The output of the uname command on OS X is Darwin. ___ Support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] Unsubscribe at Or mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

[freenet-support] Node performance slowed

2004-06-10 Thread Paul Landers
My node has been performing fine for about a week, then performance (downloads) have slowed dramatically. Here are the lines from the performance page: Node Version 0.5 Protocol Version STABLE-1.50 Build Number 5084 CVS Revision Uptime 13 hours

[freenet-support] Additional info

2004-06-10 Thread Paul Landers
Here is additional info for previous email I sent: Number of known routing nodes 382 Number of node references 382 Number of newbie nodes 42 Number of