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2004-07-11 Thread Stephen P. Schaefer
I started a freenet node four days ago, using the default freenet.conf 
settings, adjusted for being behind a firewall.  A couple days later I 
increased the storage to 1G, which required restarting fred.  A couple 
days after that I increased the storage to 30G, again restarting fred. 
I'm using the latest stable with Sun JDK 1.4.1 on RH8.0 and an approx. 
200Mbitps cable modem.

It's working, kindof.  netstat -t -a shows lots of incoming connections 
to the public port.  I'm disappointed that the latency on more that half 
my retrievals has been in hours; some requests are going into their 
second day.  I've had one retrieval succeed after 16 hours.  Someone 
with similar trouble was asked whther they were getting RNFs and DNFs 
(route not found, data not found).  I don't recall seeing an RNF.  All 
my outstanding browser queries show Couldn't Retrieve Key.  Network 
Error.  Data not found (Freenet could not find the data) Retrying 
  Almost all my retievals go into that state for a while before 
eventually succeeding - of course, Mozilla usually gives up on images 
within a web page.  Here's some lines from 

[EMAIL PROTECTED]/YoYo//activelink.png
Data Not found
[EMAIL PROTECTED]/YoYo//yoyo.png
Data Not found
[EMAIL PROTECTED]/YoYo//faq.html
Data Not found
[EMAIL PROTECTED]/YoYo//faq.html
Data Not found
Data Not found
Is this what I should expect?  Will it get better over time as I become 
better connected?  I'm seeing no inordinate load on my machine (Linux); 
top says the CPU stays between 80 and 90% idle.  After two days, only 2G 
of the 30G I most recently allocated has been consumed.

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[freenet-support] Re: Freenet Expectations]

2004-07-11 Thread Stephen P. Schaefer
From: Wayne McDougall [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 I *think* that freenet.conf is set by default to assume as 256Kbits connection
 (based on a rule of thumb of setting limits to half bandwidth capacity).

 You would want to adjust:


 Those suggested values are in bytes. You may want to adjust, but the default
 values would be too low.

 I'm no expert, but I'd strongly urge you to consider the 1.4.2 Java release:
Thanks.  The comments in the freenet.conf file say that inputBandwidthLimit and
outputBandwidthLimit are in units of bytes per second, not bits per second - is
that incorrect?.  I had inputBandwidthLimit at 0 (no limit), and
outputBandwidthLimit at 2, since I believe my cable output is limited at
512Kb(its)ps, corresponding to a theoretical maximum of 64KB(ytes)ps, and I
wanted something left for other applications.  There's room for increase there,
so I'll try that.  The mention in the comments that these were independent limits
led me to infer that there was some some further overriding limit from which they were
independent, but I'm going to revise my thinking to understand that they're simply
independent of each other.
I'm not highly motivated right now to update the Java environment.   So far I haven't
had observable environment errors.  The security issues I'm aware of involve
violations of the security sandbox - a moot point with freenet - and a JVM crash/Dos,
which I'll deal with when I see crashes.  If you're aware of something more serious,
please tell.
 What does FRED have to say for itself?
Wow, lots of pretty graphs .  The numbers at the top of the report:
Connections open (Inbound/Outbound/Limit) 198 (132/66/200)
Transfers active (Transmit/Receiving) 24 (13/11)
Data waiting to be transferred1,285 Bytes
Total amount of data transferred  4,483 MiB
 My personal experience (counts for very little) is that it took 9 days to
 become better connected - then suddenyl everything started working
Double plus thank you!  I can wait a couple weeks.  I saw the claim that freenet
could be competetive with bittorrent, and was worried that I'd botched something
badly.  I think I've been through about four of the FAQ pages, a couple of which
have a subtextual hint that it may be quite a while before one's node is fully
connected, but not much idea of the scale of quite a while.  Setting expectations
is important.
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