Re: [freenet-support] Mac

2015-12-14 Thread dean
whats happened. Remove any personal information first ( ip addresses, ports, etc). > > Thanks, > Luis E. Rivera Cheers, Dean ___ Support mailing list Unsubscribe at

Re: [freenet-support] Installing Freenet on Kali Linux

2015-09-10 Thread dean
On 11/09/15 13:00, Pedro Serrano wrote: > Hello, > I have problems installing freenet on my Kali Linux. > > Cannot run program > "/usr/local/Freenet/bin/" error=13, > Permission denied ? > > but I'm using root! > (sorry for my bad

Re: [freenet-support] Convert to Linus was:Freenet memory useage

2015-08-11 Thread dean
' be the first partition on your internal drive /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc are 'might' be your external drive - google will help you there too. The effort of learning Linux will be worth it. This is true, but its a very steep learning curve. Good luck Dean

Re: [freenet-support] Reducing memory usage

2015-07-19 Thread dean
with no plugins for a bit and see if your pc is still usable. Your node should run ok without any but its usefulness will be limited ;-) ps Please start a new email thread when starting a new topic Hope this helps Dean ___ Support mailing list Support

Re: [freenet-support] issue loading freenet on mac ox

2015-06-20 Thread dean
to help you here. thanks, Dean. [0] [1] ___ Support mailing list Unsubscribe at http

Re: [freenet-support] PLEASE HELP FREENET ISSUES

2015-05-17 Thread dean
On Sun, 2015-05-17 at 00:26 -0500, Dave Larsen wrote: PLEASE HELP FREENET ISSUES i opened this account to seek help with apparently, EVERY aspect of FREENET. !ST off, why is there no easy to reach REAL, useful, help and support for CORRECTLY setting up, and CORRECTLY configuring, for