[freenet-support] How to configure Freenet on a headless install?

2009-09-07 Thread freenet . mexon
I'm trying to get Freenet running on my server. I follow the instructions here: http://freenetproject.org/download.html#unix After installation, of course I need to access the web interface over the Internet (actually, over a VPN). There's a link at Read the FAQ on how to enable web-access

[freenet-support] Resized datastore, now all my connections have gone?

2006-07-24 Thread freenet . mexon
Hi, I'm at a loss on this one. A few days ago I tried to resize my datastore down from 40G to 30G by editing freenet.conf. But now the thing won't connect to anyone. There aren't any errors in the log, on the console, or in the web interface that I can see. It's just not connecting. I tried

Re: [freenet-support] Accessing Freenet 0.7 node over LAN? message 3 of 20)

2006-04-23 Thread freenet . mexon
Whoops, sorry for repeating an earlier question - I did look at the mailing list archives, but somehow didn't notice it. I set this in freenet.ini: fproxy.bindTo= But I get an exception when I try to start the node: Apr 23, 2006 10:21:14:155 (freenet.node.Node, main, ERROR):

[freenet-support] Accessing Freenet 0.7 node over LAN?

2006-04-22 Thread freenet . mexon
I have my 0.5 node set up to allow me to use fproxy and FCP over the LAN. This is because my server is up 24/7 and is the best place to run my node, but my desktop is the better place for browsers and Frost. I just tried 0.7, and couldn't find anywhere in the configuration page to do this. Is