Re: [freenet-support] Routing problem?/Connectivity not working

2004-07-21 Thread harmon
Probably you just need to continue waiting. A few things to check though: 1. What did you change max connections to? 2. Are you firewalled or behind any sort of NAT? The Transports box on would be interesting to see (it will give me your IP

Re: [freenet-support] Key harvester

2004-07-21 Thread harmon
Alright, here's an o p e n f r e e n e t p r o x y (anti- Google syntax): https://8 1 . 1 6 9 . 1 5 9 . 1 4 8 :8080/ I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who cares to play with it and/or attempt to break it. I am particularly interested in unlinked/undocumented FProxy functions which I

[freenet-support] Connection/Routing problems?

2004-07-21 Thread harmon
Another 12 hours or so, and still no dice. I get messages like this in my log file periodically, i'm set to log the normal mishaps, I tried minor, and was greeted with way too much to look through real quick like. Jul 21, 2004 5:59:32 AM (, YThread-19, NORMAL):

[freenet-support] Routing problem?/Connectivity not working

2004-07-20 Thread harmon
***Ive been connected to the freenet project now for a little under 24 hours, though i've had to restart the demon three times in that time to fine-tune the configuration (allowing hosts, changing to a 1.5gb local store, and tweak the max connection limit) ***A couple problems so far.. All 4