[freenet-support] Connection/Routing problems?

2004-07-21 Thread harmon
Another 12 hours or so, and still no dice. I get messages like this in my log file periodically, i'm set to log the normal mishaps, I tried minor, and was greeted with way too much to look through real quick like. Jul 21, 2004 5:59:32 AM (freenet.support.io.NIOInputStream, YThread-19, NORMAL):

Re: [freenet-support] Connection/Routing problems?

2004-07-21 Thread Zenon Panoussis
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ***A couple problems so far.. All 4 sessions, It doesn't even appear to be able to access the default ... never-fail site.. however there is a ton of traffic, so i KNOW its finding nodes out there. I suspect something with your firewall. What does it block? Can you make it