Re: [freenet-support] The hang up when ISP dies

2004-07-07 Thread Nicholas Sturm
You should have no trouble reproducing the problem that arises when the Internect Connection is broken. I started 5084 and it hit 100% CPU momentarily. Then about 5 minutes later it went to 100% again for about 2 minutes. I let it run for about 30-45 minutes and it had about 17 connections,

[freenet-support] The hang up when ISP dies

2004-07-04 Thread Nicholas Sturm
At 9:00 pm local time javaw is still blazing along at near 100% of CPU. I am stopping javaw as soon as I copy freenet.log to the file where I'm saving info of possible use in diagnosing problem. tail of log Recently logged messages: Priority legend: Error, Normal, Minor, Debug Time