[freenet-support] wrong link (help-documentation)

2011-02-12 Thread Yannic Scheper
Good evening, there are a few wrong links in the section Help-Documentation. Only the Frost link at http://freenetproject.org/content.html brings you to http://jtcfrost.sf.net/. At the other sites the Frost links brings you to http://freenetproject.org/frost.html and that's equal to

Re: [freenet-support] Wrong link?

2010-04-02 Thread Matthew Toseland
On Wednesday 24 February 2010 13:11:38 hennr wrote: Hi there, under http://freenetproject.org/content.html there is a link to Frost: http://freenetproject.org/frost.html which holds the same content as http://freenetproject.org/index.html and not a specific site about frost. Do you want