[freenet-support] Re: Freenet daemon dies

2006-01-20 Thread Harrison Smith
Harrison Smith writes: > No luck. I fiddled with the -Xmx option; I even downgraded to jre 1.4.2 > blackdown - but it still randomly crashes without explanation. I didn't any > hs_err_pid_ files, either. If you want to see any of my logs, just tell me > where they are, and I'll share them.

[freenet-support] Freenet not working w/ openSuSE 10.0

2006-01-20 Thread Pierre Nicoli
Well, I downloaded the tarball for freenet, untarred it, and fired ./start-freenet.sh Here is what I get: linux:/freenet # ./start-freenet.sh Detected freenet-ext.jar Detected freenet.jar Sun java detected. Sun Java 1.4.2 detected. Starting Freenet now: Command line: java -Xmx128m