[freenet-support] deleting freenet

2009-10-22 Thread harald goddertz
Hi, i could not uninstall freenet from my windows xp so i ended up deleting the folder via cmd and rd freenet /s however, it keeps 'reinstalling' itself and the folder keeps reappearing! i have completely searched my computer from top to bottom but cannot find any other related 'freenet' folders

[freenet-support] JVM Problems

2009-10-22 Thread Mason Brake
Hello. I recently downloaded Freenet, so I am pretty new to it. Anyways, I installed and set everything up on Firefox, when it gives me this Error: Upgrade your Java immediately! Freenet has disabled important functions including search to limit damage due to a severe vulnerability in your

Re: [freenet-support] JVM Problems

2009-10-22 Thread Dennis Nezic
On Wed, 21 Oct 2009 18:46:42 -0500, Mason Brake wrote: I had the version of Java installed, reinstalled the VERY new one, and made sure that Firefox ran it as a plug-in. I still can't get in. What do I need to do? Just a quick note: freenet has nothing really to do with Firefox -- it can be