[freenet-support] Blackdown reply

2004-07-24 Thread NickP
I have Blackdown, your command java -version 21 | head -n 1 | sed s/java version \\(.*\)\/\1/ produces this one line: 1.4.2-rc1 I have NPTL, and Freenet is working (so far). Nick. ___ Support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[freenet-support] Addresses detected by network

2004-07-30 Thread NickP
I posted same message on devel list by mistake... Addresses detected by network section of the Environment page says this: IPv4: 1 IPv4: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 81 The address on the second line is my address, but the address on the first line has never been my address. What is

[freenet-support] some interesting things from my logs

2004-09-26 Thread NickP
Every 30 seconds or so I get messages of the form (freenet.support.io.NIOInputStream, YThread-43, NORMAL): waited more than 12ms in NIOIS.read() tcp/connection: ... closing in my log. Sometimes 3 or 4 these come together, sometimes it takes 4 minutes before I see another one. I am using WinXP,

[freenet-support] Re: some interesting things from my logs

2004-09-27 Thread NickP
What is the CPU usage of the computer at the time you get the queue messages? I think it spikes to 100% for a few seconds (from Freenet alone), and that's when I get them. I haven't correlated them to CPU use precisely, because I don't have my CPU usage logged constantly. It happens rarely