Re: [freenet-support] Hello - my Freenet is dead

2015-11-08 Thread Stephen Oliver
Hi, Installing Java 1.8 *should* have replaced the Java preferences panel completely. So I don't think Java 1.8 actually installed properly, both because Freenet is clearly using 1.6, and because you can still see Java SE 6 in your preferences pane. That old Java Preferences pane should have been

Re: [freenet-support] puzzled

2015-11-08 Thread Stephen Oliver
Did Freenet install successfully, no errors? If it installed properly then it just isn't running for some reason. Since the rabbit icon is broken at the moment, you can start Freenet manually: 1) Click the search icon in your menu bar 2) Type "terminal" and hit enter 3) When Terminal opens, type

Re: [freenet-support] freenet doesn't work on osx

2015-11-04 Thread Stephen Oliver
Hi, This is largely an issue with the way Java currently works on Mac OS X, but it's easy to solve. You'll need to install Apple's Java system package [1] as well as Oracle's Java 8 package (which you probably already have). For the moment, some Java applications don't quite work properly

Re: [freenet-support] Macintosh El Capitan Operating System

2015-12-12 Thread Stephen Oliver
Hi Murrey, Please give the new native installer a try: > On Nov 27, 2015, at 4:20 PM, Murrey Walker > wrote: > > I’m unable to install Freenet on a new iMac with this OS. > > Any thoughts? > > TIA > Murrey

Re: [freenet-support] connecting

2015-11-20 Thread Stephen Oliver
Hi Brian, Does this happen when you try to start Freenet manually (via terminal) or is it simply failing to start when you reboot your Mac? Would you be willing to come in to the Freenet IRC channel[1] briefly so I can help you figure out what's going on? [1]

Re: [freenet-support] Help please

2016-02-26 Thread Stephen Oliver
Hi, You should be able to download the tray app again and run it, it will ask you if you want to install again if it can't find your installation. Stephen Oliver Senior Software Engineer

Re: [freenet-support] Freenet Support for legacy versions OSX?

2016-03-12 Thread Stephen Oliver
Hi, 10.6 will be impossible going forward as Java 7 is going to be required to run Freenet in the immediate future, and the minimum requirement to install Oracle Java 7 is OS X 10.7.3. There’s nothing else preventing Freenet itself from working, however our installer/menu bar app is designed

Re: [freenet-support] Help

2016-03-25 Thread Stephen Oliver
Hi Max, It’s not entirely clear what you’re asking, are you having trouble downloading things with Freenet? > On Mar 25, 2016, at 4:42 PM, Max Lin > wrote: > > Hello how do i use to upload and download connection. I can only >

Re: [freenet-support] uninstalling freenet

2016-04-03 Thread Stephen Oliver
Hi, Are you having trouble getting Freenet to work, or just need to uninstall it from your machine? We’ve got a Knowledge Base article with instructions, let us know if you have any trouble :) > On Apr 2, 2016, at

Re: [freenet-support] Freenet log and what it says

2016-09-13 Thread Stephen Oliver
Hey Robi, There are a few potential causes, but I would suspect that your VPN wasn’t actually connected the entire time you had Freenet running (this is a common issue with VPNs), and during the time when the VPN wasn’t connected, your VPN software didn’t block internet traffic, which allowed

Re: [freenet-support] Please, help.

2016-09-13 Thread Stephen Oliver
Hi Peter, There should be an uninstaller in the Freenet installation folder, which should be in your home folder unless you installed it somewhere else. Running the uninstaller should take care of it for you. Alternatively, you can do it manually: make sure Freenet isn’t running, then delete