Re: [freenet-support] Blackdown

2004-01-11 Thread evolution
I run Gentoo/Blackdown, and I have no problems. Sorry you didn't get a reply sooner. -todd Quoting John Huttley [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I am about to switch to gentoo/Blackdown 1.4.1 Do we have any issues? Regards John ___ Support mailing list

Re: [freenet-support] PROBLEM: clean install with XP :-(

2004-05-12 Thread evolution
Quoting iznogoud [EMAIL PROTECTED]: i just install freenet (5078 freenet-java-webinstall.exe) ( on XP, firewall activated (i configured the port) .. And I'm a dyndns user so i fixed it in .ini I'M UNABLE TO DISPLAY ANY PAGE :- ( How many times have you tried? How long did you give it?

Re: [freenet-support] RE: trouble getting any information

2004-06-28 Thread evolution
I am running Win XP with IE and Zonealarm Pro (active and switched off, no difference). Please don't use IE with Freenet. You don't want to compromise your anonymity, whether you now feel you need it or not. As for the problem you describe, it may be that you just need to keep running

Re: [freenet-support] HOWTO start up FREENET automaticly with Runlevel Scripts??

2004-06-28 Thread evolution
im a linux/unix newbie but want to install and have freenet started as a daemon at system-boot time. (Runlevel 3+5). i tried something but still failed yet to get it to work. What OS and distro are you using? Some kind of Unix? Some kind of Linux? If Linux, which distro? If you're running

Re: [freenet-support] Interesting news posting in alt.internet.p2p

2004-07-05 Thread evolution
Quoting Paul Derbyshire [EMAIL PROTECTED]: 8c2coff=1safe=offselm=Xns951A1E8DA9B51neo1061hotmailcom%4066.185.95 .104rnum=2 It's a very, very, very bloody long posting As is yours! Yikes. You might do better to post this kind of

Re: [freenet-support] RE: start-problems

2004-07-10 Thread evolution
Quoting Garb [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I too am running Freenet from Gentoo (kernel 2.6.7), I too! my initial joy over finding it in the portage tree and thus being able to simply emerge it was quicly cooled by the fact, that the configuration E-build appears broken. Wow. I had the opposite

[freenet-support] Down

2004-07-18 Thread evolution
It appears that is dysfunctional at the moment. Is there something to be done to help, Newsbyte? Anybody else know what the matter is? -todd ___ Support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [freenet-support] new stable

2004-07-25 Thread evolution
Quoting Newsbyte [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Tried it out, and's crap. This is perhaps inappropriate for the support mailing list? -todd ___ Support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] Unsubscribe

Re: [freenet-support] anonymity(NOT)

2004-08-07 Thread evolution
Quoting Troed SĂ„ngberg [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On the other hand, I don't live in the Fascist states of America. (See link for explanation) - controversial views or common sense? You do operate a flog, don't you? Even

Re: [freenet-support] Startup times

2004-08-07 Thread evolution
Quoting somebody who's not really Toad [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Please excuse me for 'borrowing' the email addy, I like to post anon, if there is an acceptable means to post to this list anonymously (via remailers) please advise and I will change tactics. Could you please at least state, at the

Re: [freenet-support] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

2004-08-09 Thread evolution
Quoting petr [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I'm sort of a newbie at this, but I'm trying to get Freenet to work and not having much luck. I assume I don't have a connection to Freenet because none of the links on the Freenet website that require Freenet work. I looked at freenet.log, and at the very

Re: [freenet-support] node on a server, and at home?

2004-08-09 Thread evolution
Quoting [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]: With the above resources how do I get the most out of it? (configuration). My BIGGEST thing is speed. I hate not finding what I am looking for and I hate file not founds. uhm, transfer speed of a splitfile is great and is able to easily max out

[freenet-support] The Windows Installer

2004-08-11 Thread evolution
Reason for email: I just installed Freenet on a Windows machine. This wasn't an update, this was a fresh install. I told the Windows installer to not create shortcuts, but it did. This is strange, because it hasn't done this before. I went through step-by-step, and when I got to the place

Re: [freenet-support] The Windows Installer

2004-08-11 Thread evolution
Quoting myself: On yet another note, can't we have a separate build updater? Separate from the installer, I mean. It doesn't make sense to answer where I want the installation to go on the filesystem, and whether or not to create shortcuts, when I'm updating an existing installation.

Re: [freenet-support] Freenet on FreeBSD

2004-08-18 Thread evolution
Quoting S [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I have written a cronjob and some accompanying scripts, such that the cronjob runs once per minute, and ensures that Freenet is running, and if not, runs it, unless I had at some prior point manually run =2E/, in which case the script realizes that

Re: [freenet-support] I need to limit the amount of memory java uses.

2004-08-19 Thread evolution
Quoting Steve [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I've read that there should be a parameter that limits java's mem usage in /usr/bin/ Mine seems to lack that parameter. here is a copy of my #!/bin/bash # This script is a companion script to the Gentoo freenet init

[freenet-support] Gentoo Freenet Script

2004-08-19 Thread evolution
If you're running Freenet from a Portage-installed package on Gentoo, the following script will work. -- #!/bin/sh # Freenet Wrapper Script if [ ${1} == start ]; then echo /etc/init.d/freenet start /etc/init.d/freenet start fi if [ ${1} == stop ]; then echo

Re: [freenet-support] reseed

2004-08-20 Thread evolution
Quoting Kevin Steen [EMAIL PROTECTED]: 2) Whenever you startup a freenet node, it will take some time to learn the network again. For the first hour you will probably only be able to access very popular content. For this reason, Freenet isn't very useful to modem users at the moment, but the

Re: [freenet-support] Current stable build numbers

2004-08-22 Thread evolution
Quoting Sonax [EMAIL PROTECTED]: The change from stable 5089 to 5090 got me thinking if it should be more easy for users to find out what the current stable build is. I know that if you follow the mailing lists or if you log into the irc channels you can get it, but why not make it _easy_ to

Re: [freenet-support] Current stable build numbers

2004-08-25 Thread evolution
Quoting Paul [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Setting up a wiki on the site to help with documentation and other tidbits might be worth considering. I'm sure there are many non-coders that would be willing to help mantain documentation and other faq/how-to stuff. ~Paul is the

Re: [freenet-support] Virus found in Freenet Update

2004-08-28 Thread evolution
Quoting Niklas Bergh [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Says downloader.OG is Windows-specific. This suggests it can't possibly have infected a JAR file. Okay, WHICH FILE did it report was infected? [12:16] osh I'm still curious about this downloader-og that my antivirus claims that nodeconfig.exe contains.

Re: [freenet-support] Timed content

2004-09-16 Thread evolution
Quoting daniele [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I was thinking about the incredible amount of space that is used within freenet to hold contents that no one will never try to retrieve, because, for example, they are obsolete. If the person that puts the content on freenet knows that, for example, within

Re: [freenet-support] wget: a freenet trainer?

2004-09-16 Thread evolution
Quoting [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]: do yourself a favour and do not use wget; use puf (google for it) this downloader comes along fine with the '//' without being hacked and patched, is able to download dozens of files in parallel (which is extremely useful as transfers take a long

Re: [freenet-support] Re: Data store wiped - 11 Gb gone.

2004-10-11 Thread evolution
Quoting Toad [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Sure, just time how long it takes to start up on a big store a few times, with each of doIndex=true and doIndex=false. On Linux, how does a person know that startup is finished? -todd ___ Support mailing list [EMAIL

Re: [freenet-support] Re: Data store wiped - 11 Gb gone.

2004-10-11 Thread evolution
Quoting Someone [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Maybe the node should have some type of button on the fproxy page to do a clean shutdown. Can you not right click on the blue bunny in the system tray and select Shutdown? -todd ___ Support mailing list [EMAIL

[freenet-support] KSK Inserts

2004-10-11 Thread evolution
I'm frustrated because I can't NIM. Whenever I try to NIM someone I get: The Insert Request failed. Reason: Request failed gracefully: freenet.client.WrongStateException: Wrong state: FAILED should be DONE: after waiting for next process On a tangentially-related note, I'm getting a lot of

Re: [freenet-support] Re: Data store wiped - 11 Gb gone.

2004-10-11 Thread evolution
Quoting Toad [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 02:09:43PM -0700, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Linux, how does a person know that startup is finished? From the log. Okay, well, my logging is set to Normal. When I start up the node, I get a log entry for Starting Freenet, many more,

Re: [freenet-support] Re: Data store wiped - 11 Gb gone.

2004-10-12 Thread evolution
Quoting Toad [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 04:15:52PM -0700, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: To time the node, I check the logs. Start time is Starting Freenet. End time is starting ListenSelector. Does this work? Yup. Okay, I ran startups. Six actually, three with

Re: [freenet-support] which jvm?

2004-10-07 Thread evolution
Quoting futureworlds [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I currently have: Java 2 Runtime Environement, Standard Edition 1.4.1_03 Would I be better off getting: What operating system are you running? -todd ___ Support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [freenet-support] which jvm?

2004-10-07 Thread evolution
Quoting Jay Oliveri [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On Tuesday 05 October 2004 02:16 pm, futureworlds wrote: given win98se and being forced to run with only 64mb ram on a p233 Not much you can do except run Freenet on at least NT4 or Win2K. Win98 cannot handle an application like Freenet, and you might

Re: [freenet-support] which jvm?

2004-10-07 Thread evolution
Quoting [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 05:10, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Although if you do get it to work, futureworlds, let us know, please. Er ... futureworlds is a Mixmaster anonymous remailer dummy address. Ah, I see. This issue has come up before with

Re: [freenet-support] Windows and JRE 1.5

2004-10-23 Thread evolution
This would make a good entry in the FAQ. -todd Quoting Dave Hooper [EMAIL PROTECTED]: webinstall.exe only accepts 1.4.x JRE. Maybe that should be changed but, until it is, you won't be able to install freenet that way. Of course, you could just hack your registry and it will just work:

Re: [freenet-support] Stable build 5099, network reset, please upgrade

2004-10-26 Thread evolution
Quoting Toad [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Stable build 5099 is now available widely. Do we have to do the wait-for-larger-network-to-get-new-seednodes thing, as was stated with 5097 and 5098? -todd ___ Support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [freenet-support] Problem using freenet

2004-11-06 Thread evolution
Quoting sutonimh [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Dumb newbie here. Just started using Freenet about 4 hours ago, installed frost too. Soo far I can't seem to view anything past the web interface splash page. Various errors, most common is the Route not found error. Renewed the seednodes. And have

Re: [freenet-support] Announce Digest: Virus?

2004-11-06 Thread evolution
Quoting Anonymous Freenetter [EMAIL PROTECTED]: In a message Ian wrote: If you want to ask me a question then send me an email, what relevance does this have to the support mailing list? This may have been off topic I'll grant, but sheesh. I'll agree with the first part, but not the sheesh.

Re: [freenet-support] need HELP

2004-11-09 Thread evolution
Quoting [EMAIL PROTECTED]: also i have a website with losta files and stuff and it is in BT but i am worried about getting tracked and caught so i am trying to make this switch... so i need to know how to seed to... if someone has a step by step guide on EVERYTHING please let me know If

Re: [freenet-support] Freenet (5099 stable) tries to connect to IANA reserved IPs

2004-11-12 Thread evolution
Quoting Toad [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On Sun, Oct 31, 2004 at 10:04:28AM +0100, Klaus Eckhoff wrote: - - - All these IPs are IANA reserved (and will be blocked by ProtoWall for that reason). I'm wondering why freenet tries to connect to this IPs, maybe

Re: [freenet-support] Are TFE and FIND dead?

2004-11-20 Thread evolution
Quoting Someone [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hmmm, I couldn't get TFE and FIND in the last 4 days. Most Frost groups are also much more silent than usual. Could someone else get TFE or FIND, or is there some kind of problem within the network? I've been getting TFE fine, but I haven't been able to

Re: [freenet-support] Open Gateway Problem

2004-11-21 Thread evolution
Quoting Keith Russell [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I apologize if this problem has been previously discussed on the list, but I didn't see a way to search the archives. Is that possible? Yes, go to, click on support or mailing lists and then the archive link for one of the lists. It

Re: [freenet-support] Open Gateway Problem

2004-11-22 Thread evolution
Quoting [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does that mean you're on Windows? What build are you running? 5099? Sorry...Yes, it's Windows XP Pro, SP2. Hmmm...right click/About says The build number is on the gateway page. It says Build: and then the number, and then

Re: [freenet-support] New sudo on Gnetoo breaks freenet

2004-11-23 Thread evolution
Quoting Salah Coronya [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Seee bug 71835 . The fix is to uncomment this line: Defaults:%wheel !env_reset and Freenet will run. This may not be the best answer though. Ah!! I was wondering why I couldn't get Freenet to run!

Re: [freenet-support] Re: [Tech] Is it always this slow?/kicked out of

2004-12-01 Thread evolution
Why is it only the clueless new user who's talking about Freenet on this Freenet mailing list right now? -todd Quoting Clueless [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On Wed, 01 Dec 2004 23:37:52 +0100, Someone wrote: Even on ADSL it isn't so slow. Shure it is much slower than browsing a normal Website. But

Re: [freenet-support] Freenet under a chroot

2004-12-01 Thread evolution
On Sun, Nov 07, 2004 at 05:05:23PM -0600, Eric Gillingham wrote: No that wasnt it, I fooled with it some more and copied a few more libs and /etc/ files and got it working using chrootuid yesterday. However since then I ended up writing my own C wrapper to accomplish this, when I get some

Re: [freenet-support] Re: [Tech] Is it always this slow?/kicked out of

2004-12-02 Thread evolution
Quoting Clueless [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Thanks for your answers, all in all I'm happy now with the performance of Freenet, I've given it 6GB to store data and it already uses 1.5GB. This is heartening to hear. I really wonder how often we gain a user who makes it past the initial (slow) ramp-up

Re: [freenet-support] Re: [Tech] Is it always this slow?/kicked out of

2004-12-02 Thread evolution
Quoting Toad [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 01:33:28AM +, Clueless wrote: Now it's better, although as I write this, all I get is The network is busy, please try again later while trying to download FUQID, a program one seems to absolutely need to download from Freenet...

Re: [freenet-support] java crash within two hours running build 5100

2004-12-12 Thread evolution
Quoting Paul Derbyshire [EMAIL PROTECTED]: The final few lines before the crash would perhaps be more useful. Then we'd know what it was doing, or trying to do, when it shot itself in the foot. Screwing the pooch, maybe? -todd ___ Support mailing

Re: [freenet-support] java crash within two hours running build 5100

2004-12-12 Thread evolution
Quoting Chris Gentile [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Haven't been running a node for a few months lately. So just yesterday I updated and relaunched. I've wiped my routing clean, my store, and reseeded. I get a crash like this after at most 2 hours of uptime! Though you may be able to get help from

Re: [freenet-support] Which version of Freenet is supposed to work ?

2004-12-18 Thread evolution
Quoting Thomas Berg [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Downloaded and installed STABLE-1.51. After ca 15 minutes none of the portal sites at the main page at the web interface have showed up. 15 minutes is not enough... I don't know what the current best estimate is, but it's certainly going to take hours