Re: [freenet-support] temp files

2003-01-06 Thread marcoc1
At 22.26 05/01/03 +, you wrote: btw my ./freenet/freenet/store_*/temp dir is empty, and I do not regularl= y=20 delete the files manually. Not surprising. It is cleaned out on node startup. It is not so simple; all 4 nodes I run (539 to 629) had 100Mb or more in temp dir that never goes

[freenet-support] TFE, CRUFT FF

2003-01-08 Thread marcoc1
Till 8 GMT 2002 01 08, I'm unable to fetch TFE CRUFT from freenet. I'm using 537, 539, 541 641 on 5 nodes. Only FF is ok. Other sites seems to be still there, but how retrieve it if TFE is not working ? I bet that most of freenetters have no link to freesites, but only to TFE. Maybe

[freenet-support] 650 anonymity filtering

2003-01-13 Thread marcoc1
From build 649 all site I access (including TFE ang many others) are reduced to plaint text withount any image or link. There is some setting to do in freenet.conf to configure/disable filtering ? Thx. Marco -- + il Progetto Freenet - segui il coniglio bianco+ * the

Re: [freenet-support] 650 anonymity filtering

2003-01-14 Thread marcoc1
At 19.26 13/01/03 +0100, you wrote: Have a look at the fproxy tab of the configurator... I'm from the Linux side, no tab at all and no java compiler in place too, just plain C . Ciao. Marco ___ support mailing list [EMAIL

[freenet-support] Fec retrieve failed

2003-01-28 Thread marcoc1
Im' inserting a freesite with files 1 mb using 549 FIW 0.04b All site insert OK, and can be retrieved, but when I try to retrieve a FEC file, it give me all gray an red cross, and is not able to retrieve even a single block. This happen also if I attempt to retrieve from the node I used

[freenet-support] Fec retrieve failed - part 2

2003-01-28 Thread marcoc1
During the attempt of retrieving FEC files inserted with 549 FIW 0.04b, ( I cannot retrieve any block not even if the block is in the local datastore), I found a lot of those messages in console [root@tatooine root]# cat x PARANOID CHK CHECK FAILED! expected:

Re: [freenet-support] freesite for Frost FEC

2003-02-03 Thread marcoc1
At 00.57 03/02/03 +, you wrote: Re [freenet-support] freesite .emsfile://D:\Mail\Attach\Re [freenet-support] freesite .ems 0880.0002 Personally I have never used Frost mainly because it uses Swing, which I'm using FIW, a swing application, with Kaffe 1.0.7, with only some warning

[freenet-support] Healing feature

2003-02-05 Thread marcoc1
It would be nice that during a FEC download, aborting the healing phase automatically save the file. Now if you abort the healing the download is lost. JM2C. Marco -- + il Progetto Freenet - segui il coniglio bianco+ * the Freenet Project - follow the white rabbit

Re: Freenet: Kaffe (free software) compatibility: Was: Re: [freenet-support] freesite

2003-02-06 Thread marcoc1
At 19.34 05/02/03 -0500, you wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote: Anyway, till Freenet remains in java, dropping the Kaffe compatibility IMHO is a fundamental mistake, both from the point of view of free software and from the security. What exactly do you mean by Kaffe

Re: [freenet-support] Re: [Freenet-list] Freenet: Kaffe (free software) compatibility: Was: R freesite

2003-02-06 Thread marcoc1
At 18.46 06/02/03 +, you wrote: Re [freenet-support] Re [Free4.emsfile://D:\Mail\Attach\Re [freenet-support] Re [Free4.ems 0880.0002 On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 10:26:35PM -0800, AARG!Anonymous wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED] scriveva: =20 is happy to run on build 552; it is slow because run on a

Re: [freenet-support] Announcement problem

2003-02-11 Thread marcoc1
At 02.45 11/02/03 -0500, you wrote: On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 20:07, Greg Wooledge wrote: Build 611? Are you sure about that? I have made contact with (unstable) nodes with build numbers as high as 663. Are you also seeing your problem with the stable builds? Sorry for the typo... that should