[pfSense Support] Next proxy for pfSense firewall

2007-01-04 Thread Joseph Favia Jr.
Hello, I'm setting up pfSense as a deparmental firewall within my network in order to seperate a specific LAN from the rest of the world. In order to access the Internet by means of HTTP or FTP protocols I must refer my browser to a proxy server. When I try to download any packages (CVS) the

Re: [pfSense Support] Remote administration through WAN interface

2007-01-05 Thread Joseph Favia Jr.
Yeah, that seems to have solved the problem, although we first started our tests with public addressesuhmm, maybe just mucked up with the addresses, ports and netmasks somewhere/sometime. thanks to all. Joe Holger Bauer wrote:

[pfSense Support] PFSense Administrators

2007-01-05 Thread Joseph Favia Jr.
Hi, Is there only one administrator user in pfsense? As far as I can see, there is only a single user for the webgui, but how about the BSD users? I would like to setup two different administrators for the firewall, and each user should have his own password. This cannot be accomplished

Re: [pfSense Support] PFSense Administrators

2007-01-08 Thread Joseph Favia Jr.
Does anyone know some details regarding the new upcoming implementation? Joe Bill Marquette wrote: On 1/5/07, Tim Dickson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm not certain about the BSD users... (although it seems logical that it would work) I do know that a multiuser environment is being developed

Re: [pfSense Support] Next proxy for pfSense firewall

2007-01-12 Thread Joseph Favia Jr.
] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- Joseph Favia Jr. Security Consultant - Managed Security Services Eunics spa Tel. Fisso: +390803855397 Tel. Mobile: +39 3486712036 Fax: +39 080 3855951x Ai sensi e per gli effetti della Legge sulla tutela della riservatezza personale (DLgs. 196/03 e

[pfSense Support] Problems viewing mirrored tutorials

2007-02-05 Thread Joseph Favia Jr.
Hi, I can't view any of the tutorials that are mirrored through the TUTORIALS page (http://pfsense.com/index.php?id=36). It seems to be some sort of Flash content, but nothing ever gets loaded. I can view/download the others that are directly connected to the site (i.e. transparent

[pfSense Support] VLAN support

2007-02-07 Thread Joseph Favia Jr.
Hi, My pfsense machine has only got 3 physical interfaces and now I need another network on which I've got to place a few new servers. Is there any other method of defining an extra network without having to open up my hardware? I read there is VLAN support in PFSENSE, but cannot find any

Re: [pfSense Support] Pure router.

2007-02-13 Thread Joseph Favia Jr.
Hi, When you say you've deactivated the firewall rules what do you exactly mean? I would suggest : * use ACCEPT ALL rules (ANY to ANY) on your interfaces * remove the BLOCK Private Addresses feature on the WAN interface This should allow PFSENSE to work as a router. You will probably

Re: [pfSense Support] ESX + CARP solution found

2007-03-09 Thread Joseph Favia Jr.
Hi, This worked fine when I was using a switch with no VLAN configuration , but as soon as we defined VLANs on the switch, it seems that the PFSense machine has lost contact with all other machines, both virtual and physical. Are the VLANs defined at the switch level transparent to the

Re: [pfSense Support] CARP problem or not?

2007-03-19 Thread Joseph Favia Jr.
I saw the FAQ but wasn't really sure if I understood it correctly or if it was wrong : it seemed strange to me :-) . I've installed rules on the CARP interface to accept anything from anyone (like all interfaces at the moment), but the message is the same. I read the first tutorial you