Re: [biofuel] Best Processer

2004-06-14 Thread Busyditch
Depending on the amount you plan on making, according to your needs, here are 2 somewhat smaller systems. - Original Message - From: grunwald To: Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2004 12:03 AM Subject: [biofuel] Best Processer

Re: [biofuel] Re: stanadyne pump compatability

2004-06-14 Thread kline
Those pumps die anyway. Biodiesel isn't a problem with them. The Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment Manufacturers (Delphi, Stanadyne, Denso, Bosch) still make cautious noises about biodiesel but they're supportive nonetheless. They insist on standard-spec fuel at minimum, but it's easy to make

Re: [biofuel] Re: an animal fats thing

2004-06-14 Thread John Hayes
girl_mark_fire wrote: --- In, John Hayes [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is it true that fast food fryers aso like to use hydrogenated fats because there's a different 'mouthfeel' to foods cooked in them- ie they're crispier or something like htat? Hrmm. I've never heard

[biofuel] Re: an animal fats thing

2004-06-14 Thread skillshare
well, thanks for taking an educated guess anyway, certainly sounds plausible! It's a rumor I'd heard on a list somewhere, for why it is that restaurants bother with the hydrogenated stuff. It's probably out there on google somewhere. By the way, with the high price of soy (hydrogenated frytol

Re: [biofuel] Best Processer

2004-06-14 Thread Keith Addison
Hello Bob Thanks for your speedy reply. What about Biodiesel Solutions, which is endorsed by Joshua Tickell? :-/ Now how did I know you were going to say that? I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that Rudi Weidegger (who makes

[biofuel] Fiery Hell On Earth, Pt. 2

2004-06-14 Thread Keith Addison
Part 1: Also: Bill Keller, Nuclear Nightmares, New York Times Magazine, 26 May 2002 --- #793 Fiery Hell on Earth, Part 2 June 10, 2004

[biofuel] Berkeley, CA, tuesday- Slideshow: OAKLAND to ARGENTINA on VEGGIE OIL

2004-06-14 Thread girl mark
Hi, I know this got posted here last week already, but anyone in the Bay Area should come check out this amazing presentation! Mark OAKLAND to ARGENTINA on VEGETABLE OIL: 5 months, 11,000 miles via a 1980 VW Dasher running on veggie oil with a DIY 2-tank conversion Tuesday, June 15th at

Re: [biofuel] Best Processer

2004-06-14 Thread grunwald
Dear Keith- Wow! Just what I needed to hear. I've got a friend of mine pretty fired up about producing larger quantities for his many gearhead friends and local farmers, in larger quantities. This guy makes his own hot rods, so I think, if I can get him the right info, we will be totally

[biofuel] DENSO diesel injection pump

2004-06-14 Thread leegerry
Denso Europe permit not more than 5% BD for their common rail pump . Regards Gerry [This e-mail is confidential and may also be privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete it and notify us immediately;

Re: [biofuel] Newbie questions regarding Biodiesel.

2004-06-14 Thread pieter van eeten
Hi Todd, Thx for the reply, the manufacturers specs are known this is not the problem. My concerns are mainly: If loss of power and a higher consumption occurs will these two even out the economical advantage of BD? And very importantly for us can we still fuel up with petro diesel? I'll

[biofuel] Two Stage process -- design to add methoxide

2004-06-14 Thread Angus Scown
I have just started construction of my processer. I have started pretty simply by building a cone bottomed 44 gallon (200 litre) drum. I was thinking of using a pump to do the mixing as it seems very simple to design/install and with clear pipes in sections to monitor the colour. My

Re: [biofuel] Ice Age bolthole

2004-06-14 Thread Keith Addison
Hello George Hi Keith Whether NZ is an ice age bolthole or not they have a lot of methane there: its a country of 50 million sheep (and as the joke goes, three million of them are human beings). The problem is connecting all those millions of little perambulating little generators to a

[biofuel] Re: Moving

2004-06-14 Thread Keith Addison
Many thanks for your good wishes, Luc, Brian, Jorge and all. Especially since I was expecting a thumping for neglecting the list maintenance. But we got it all installed and set up last night without any problems or delays, not like last time (18 months ago) when we were offline for most of a

[biofuel] Sludge Funds

2004-06-14 Thread Keith Addison Sludge Funds By Frank O'Donnell, AlterNet June 10, 2004 In mid-May, the propaganda machine at the Bush administration's Environmental Protection Agency was like a diesel engine in overdrive, breaking with its nonpartisan past to help re-elect

Re: [biofuel] Two Stage process -- design to add methoxide

2004-06-14 Thread linden duncan
Angus, For midflow additions you could use a y pipe with a valve. Part of the y connection would have a valve and connection for adding liquids to your mixing pump line from another vessel. The additions vessel would have a line leading to your y pipe valve and a vent to allow flow to

Re: [biofuel] Re: Algae farming for oil $

2004-06-14 Thread Pieter Koole
Hi Marc. I have 3000 square meters of land ( in american terms this is nothing, I know, but we live in Holland ). How much oil could the algea produce yearly. Not in theory, but practical. What would I need in terms of heating , ventilation etc ? I would be very very pleased with any useble

[biofuel] Re: Two Stage process -- design to add methoxide

2004-06-14 Thread Keith Addison
We use mild air-pressure to pump the methoxide from the carboy into a valve in the top of the processor, quite slowly. Maybe the way the oil inlet from the pump to the top of the processor is arranged also has something to do with it, but the mix is thorough and fairly instant. On adding the

Re: [biofuel] Re-Cycling and Biofuels

2004-06-14 Thread Art Krenzel
The choice of paper feedstocks for biogas production does not lead toward high volumes of biogas production. The solubility of wood fiber used in paper is much lower than fresh feedstocks like grass, foodwaste, oily seed stocks, etc. As a result, the low amount of digestible cellulose in the