svn commit: r351008 - stable/10/contrib/bzip2

2019-08-14 Thread Xin LI
Author: delphij Date: Wed Aug 14 06:41:22 2019 New Revision: 351008 URL: Log: MFC r350855: Upgrade to Bzip2 version 1.0.8. Modified: stable/10/contrib/bzip2/CHANGES stable/10/contrib/bzip2/LICENSE stable/10/contrib/bzip2/README

svn commit: r351017 - stable/10/sys/dev/usb/net

2019-08-14 Thread Hans Petter Selasky
Author: hselasky Date: Wed Aug 14 09:42:26 2019 New Revision: 351017 URL: Log: MFC r350396: Add support for tethering with Nokia 7 plus and the alike. PR: 239495 Sponsored by: Mellanox Technologies Modified: