Re: [SWCollect] [Fwd: Re: Echelon]

2001-07-20 Thread C.E. Forman
All the other [games] are being sold in a garage sale tomorrow. Chris has made this happen so no one can get the ones I'm selling at the garage sale. Okay, now this I don't feel bad about. Poking fun in public, yes, but not this. It's his choice if he wants to dump his rare stuff for next

Re: [SWCollect] Yipe.

2001-07-20 Thread Jim Leonard
C.E. Forman wrote: Well, I just screwed up big-time. *Sigh*... I feel horrible about this. Anybody got any reassuring words? Yes: Don't sweat it for even one second. Will has some pretty deep issues that he won't correct any time soon because, frankly, he isn't aware of them *and* he's

Re: [SWCollect] [Fwd: Echelon]

2001-07-20 Thread Jim Leonard
C.E. Forman wrote: He mentioned medical bills awhile back, I wonder if he's going through a tough time now? A recent email from him seems to suggest that he had an epiphany. He's moving to a new place and dumping most of his non-value games (he said he's keeping his 30 infocoms, blue Jewels