[SWCollect] Latest eBay craze

2001-07-22 Thread Stephen S. Lee
I'm not quite sure why a copy of Timequest just sold for $100+ (and the high bidders weren't exactly flaming newbies either, which normally explains why this happens), but if you've got extra copies now's the chance to sell to the losing bidders. (Also, Pedro: the e-mail address you were

[SWCollect] Ludicrous prices

2001-07-22 Thread Jim Leonard
Caught this website: http://www.badben.com/ It's bad enough that it's viewable under Internet Explorer only, but $200 for a Black Cauldron? The CD version of Willy Beamish for $149? Wing Commander hintbook for $80?? (sealed, but still...) Here's the kicker: Wizard and the Princess

Re: [SWCollect] Ludicrous prices

2001-07-22 Thread C.E. Forman
Oh, man, this is TOO funny! I gotta pass this on to the rest of the Shoppe visitors. Thanks, Jim. (I notice he has TimeQuest for $199.99. That bidder Stephen mentioned got a good deal! B-) I've sent him an innocent inquiry, stating that I have various items and asking what they are worth to