Re: [SWCollect] Esoteric Question #274

2004-04-09 Thread C.E. Forman
#1 has a registration card #2 has a registration card but it is filled out with the previous owners details (he just never sent it in) #3 has no registration card I'd number them the same way you do, Jim. Prefer to have a reg card, but it's minor. Would rather have it written on than

Re: [SWCollect] eBay -ve feedback

2004-04-09 Thread C.E. Forman
Is there a way to deal with retaliatory -ve feedback? Request their contact info from eBay and call them. If the phone number is false, report it to eBay and they will take down the negative comment (and suspend them until they correct it). This policy is buried pretty deep, but it is there

Re: [SWCollect] TES: Arena

2004-04-09 Thread Edward Franks
On Apr 6, 2004, at 7:26 PM, Jim Leonard wrote: Edward Franks wrote: Bethesda is making Arena available as a free download What's even more cool to me is the fact they have a link to (an older version of) DosBox as the emulator to