Re: [SWCollect] Best copy protection?

2004-06-15 Thread Dan Chisarick
Along similar lines, Final Assault (Epyx) for the IIgs (and probably others), if you failed the copy protection, you'd continue normally, then suddenly your climber's face would turn red and he'd die, as if suffocating I think. Kinda slick. On Jun 15, 2004, at 9:00 AM, Stuart Feldhamer wrote:

Re: [SWCollect] Best copy protection?

2004-06-15 Thread Dan Chisarick
LucasArts (DOS-based) adventure games drove me crazy because the protection was written in the same interpreted code as the rest of the game (makes sense, some commercial protection schemes are based on their own VM, speaking of protection schemes repeating themselves). Anyway, I found one

Re: [SWCollect] Best copy protection?

2004-06-14 Thread Dan Chisarick
You had to identify mugshots I believe. I'm surprised I remember because I only saw the screen once :) Covert Action and Sword of the Samurai are my top two favorite of all time Microprose games. Close second is M-1 Tank Platoon, F-19/F-117A, Pirates! and Ancient Art of War in the Skies. There

Re: [SWCollect] Best copy protection?

2004-06-12 Thread Dan Chisarick
Back then I had a friend who worked for a newspaper. He was in charge of a color separator (it sounded impressive then) so they could print color ads in multiple passes. It made the dark red and black sheet black and white. It was excessive but it was fun to have such an overkill solution.

Re: [SWCollect] No market for Macintosh collectables?

2004-06-11 Thread Dan Chisarick
For a software developer I hope they wouldn't confuse the two platforms. Still its interesting. I didn't know it existed, but then my Mac collection is pretty small and to be honest, not too many of the games I remember for it really grabbed me. Except I've been looking for Airborne!

Re: [SWCollect] Time to blend topics

2004-06-10 Thread Dan Chisarick
Of all the people to pick... (FYI Ray Charles RIP 06/10/04) As an aside, emulation of vintage synthesizers is getting pretty damn good (Hammond, Clavinet, Fender, etc.) Some are direct samples, some are emulated. Even the cheaper ones sound respectable. Of course you did say exactly.

Re: [SWCollect] Another one?!

2004-06-08 Thread Dan Chisarick
I don't know if you could. It wasn't created by a music publisher that the RIAA or any of the fee-collection agencies have an agreement with, was it? Put another way, I make a music CD on my own, and I sell it in a few local stores. A DJ from a local radio station (say its owned by

[SWCollect] Previously owned games resold by chains

2004-06-08 Thread Dan Chisarick
I've not been a fan of places like EB, GameStop, etc. charging $50 for a game, giving you $15-20 for it a few weeks later, then reselling it for $40-45. More than once I've seen used games sold costing more than the shrinkwrapped version of the identical title, usually within a few feet of

Re: [SWCollect] Kids and Classic Gaming

2004-06-04 Thread Dan Chisarick
Oops. Hall of the Mountain King was the soundtrack that looped in the BG once you got the 'flame'. Mountain King was the game. Thanks for correcting that. I think you're right about the number of levels varying between platforms in MR. Like being the person who edits movies for television,

Re: [SWCollect] Kids and Classic Gaming

2004-05-31 Thread Dan Chisarick
Well, this answers a lot of questions about the current state of video games... I LOL at a couple of the comments, most of them from Donkey Kong.x-tad-bigger /x-tad-bigger On May 31, 2004, at 3:20 PM, C.E. Forman wrote: I saw this too.  Hilarious!  I loved the fact that they were

Re: [SWCollect] Ultima III

2004-05-28 Thread Dan Chisarick
Thanks. I know there were two variations on the 1983 release, and I knew there was the 'Trilogy' release, but I didn't know there was a 1987 re-release. On May 27, 2004, at 9:17 PM, Howard Feldman wrote: You could always look on my website... thats what its there for Dan Chisarick wrote: My

Re: [SWCollect] Nit-picking at its finest

2004-05-22 Thread Dan Chisarick
Wow. Echos of my disclaimered to the hilt comments on manipulating the values of games on ebay a month or so ago. Note to self: Never post messages to the list that suggest in any capacity the possibility of deliberately misleading the game collecting community at large, independent of any

Re: [SWCollect] Nit-picking at its finest

2004-05-21 Thread Dan Chisarick
Tom apparently has the solution to labels falling off of old disks (of course I'm not sure I want to drive four holes through all my disks). On a slightly different topic, don't you think it'd be pretty hard to fight with both a sword AND a trident at the same time? A trident is typically a

Re: [SWCollect] Fw: Message from eBay Member

2004-05-17 Thread Dan Chisarick
Interesting. Though I wonder what will make it appreciate more if all of a sudden they're popping out of the woodwork (relatively speaking). He's the one who had a tape + warranty card only auction, yes? On May 17, 2004, at 7:56 PM, C.E. Forman wrote: Just in case anyone else wondered.

Re: [SWCollect] So obviously Mt. Drash is no longer rare....

2004-05-14 Thread Dan Chisarick
So that's two (albeit incomplete) copies on ebay concurrently. And neither have bids. Anyone care to make guesses as to how much they sell for? I'll say $300-400 tops. On May 14, 2004, at 1:20 PM, Freddie Bingham wrote: I wouldn't consider anything sold without a box when determining a

Re: [SWCollect] So obviously Mt. Drash is no longer rare....

2004-05-14 Thread Dan Chisarick
Hmmm, yeah. I think my estimate was a bit too low. It is one of the most desirable Ultima collectables you could hope to bid on (you seem to have all the ones you can't, though). Of course there's no saying what the reserve is, either. As an aside, I'm also speculating that Keith Z, given past

Re: [SWCollect] I don't like this at all...

2004-05-10 Thread Dan Chisarick
Most people on this list are probably collecting for reasons other than financial gain (though nothing wrong with collecting to sell for profit or a mix, especially if the profit goes to buying more games). While I'm no economic theorist, I think prices will settle down after a bit. Why? As

Re: [SWCollect] Ouch

2004-05-10 Thread Dan Chisarick
Ok, generally I keep out of the grading discussions because I toss shrinkwrap on games like I would on sandwiches (in contrast to the death-threat below). Question: How do you handle funk? Basement funk (game stored in a damp cellar), smoker's house, cat used the space 10 away as a

Re: [SWCollect] SSI Ziplocs

2004-05-09 Thread Dan Chisarick
I have an SSI Ziplock copy of Epidemic. The manual just barely fits the bag (needs a little work actually but once its past the opening, it fits snug). It has a red white sticker that says its for the Apple platform. On May 9, 2004, at 6:29 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In a message dated

Re: [SWCollect] Talk about boneheads...

2004-05-07 Thread Dan Chisarick
Likely story :p On May 7, 2004, at 11:47 AM, Josh Lulewicz wrote: Heh actually that was supposed to be 9.99 blushes I didn't realize it until after the end of the auction :( Damn IE autofiller... -josh -Original Message- From: C.E. Forman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, May

[SWCollect] Change to feedback ratings?

2004-05-07 Thread Dan Chisarick
In my otherwise pristine ratings on ebay I won a single neutral comment when I backhanded someone for not being responsive (30 days no answer, and for that I was called 'impatient'). At the bottom of what had to be a 4-page auction description was a blurb that he's sometimes out of town.

Re: [SWCollect] Talk about boneheads...

2004-05-06 Thread Dan Chisarick
$100 for the disk to a Donkey Kong clone. Nice. This keeps up people will start selling individual games a la carte ($25 for the manual, $50 for the disk, $15 for the reference card, etc.) On May 6, 2004, at 10:22 PM, Josh Lulewicz wrote:

Re: [SWCollect] FYI

2004-05-03 Thread Dan Chisarick
Looks like the advertisement wasn't the only thing that was framed. Nice catch (as always). Ask him if he'd like to trade for a hypothetical 2600 prototype... On May 3, 2004, at 9:13 PM, C.E. Forman wrote: Just in case any of you were thinking of bidding on this one:

Re: [SWCollect] Even marginally ethical?

2004-04-27 Thread Dan Chisarick
games don't know enough to hit game collector sites, but they do know ebay. On Apr 27, 2004, at 2:56 AM, Jim Leonard wrote: Dan Chisarick wrote: Evil? Immoral? Risky? All of the above. It's called shilling on ebay, and gets you booted'n'banned. Not in favor of it. :) -- Jim Leonard ([EMAIL

Re: [SWCollect] Retro PC game collecting officially became big business

2004-04-26 Thread Dan Chisarick
When I started collecting a few years back, I had an entire 8.5 x 11 sheet of titles, search terms, publishers, etc. You name it. It would take me an hour a day to dig. I found some pretty interesting stuff. I also had more cash to buy goodies with. But I relied purely on ebay's search tool.

[SWCollect] Even marginally ethical?

2004-04-26 Thread Dan Chisarick
Leveraging the phenomenon on ebay that one rare item selling for a wad of cash is usually followed by several more just like it, is it a possible strategy to 'sell' highly desirable vintage items amongst ourselves on ebay? We wouldn't actually transfer ownership of the goods, and sure there

Re: [SWCollect] Retro PC game collecting officially became big business

2004-04-25 Thread Dan Chisarick
I should offer him my copy of Muse BLACKJACK. At $450.00 its a steal (I think it cost me $15-20. Not sure. I was on a MUSE kick back then. Then I realized that they had more titles than I previously knew about and calmed down shortly thereafter.) On Apr 25, 2004, at 5:32 PM, Hugh Falk

Re: [SWCollect] New Article from The Origin Museum

2004-04-25 Thread Dan Chisarick
I won't startup the semi-annual archive/preserve debate again (it hasn't been 6 months since the last one :), but since we have a few new folks, anyone else do the 'media archiving' thing? On Apr 25, 2004, at 8:01 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ** Marco Wrote: Very cool, Joe!

Re: [SWCollect] New Article from The Origin Museum

2004-04-24 Thread Dan Chisarick
Ya think he'd send us a link ;) Good lord that was amazing. Its good to be the king (or at least his curator...) On Apr 24, 2004, at 2:09 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thought people would be interested in seeing a new article. Please check it out, and tell me what you think. Go to my

Re: [SWCollect] CURIOUS Guide

2004-04-22 Thread Dan Chisarick
Very nice. A few things: - Searching works well (but what does the icon w/the X-ed out glasses do)? I saw no visible results. - All the links (year, publisher, title) all lead to the same destination for a given title. - The scrollbar down the left gives erratic results - Not sure if everyone

Re: [SWCollect] CURIOUS Guide

2004-04-22 Thread Dan Chisarick
-Original Message- From: Dan Chisarick [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Apr 22, 2004 6:35 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [SWCollect] CURIOUS Guide Very nice. A few things: - Searching works well (but what does the icon w/the X-ed out glasses do)? I saw no visible results. - All the links

Re: [SWCollect] So obviously Mt. Drash is no longer rare....

2004-04-21 Thread Dan Chisarick
The Seven Drashes sounds like the title of a modern-day RPG. Of course I'm not sure I'd care for the quests (go to the office, get stuck in traffic, work a second job instead of killing monsters for extra cash, etc.) On Apr 21, 2004, at 7:34 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Tom, Can you list the

Re: [SWCollect] Computist

2004-04-12 Thread Dan Chisarick
: Dan Chisarick wrote: Any feedback appreciated before I make 93+ more mistakes... (remaining issues). While I'd like to say you should run it through OCR, I can see from the content (which kicks f**king ass, btw) that OCR would most likely murder it. But 43MB per issue is nuts. So, my

[SWCollect] Computist

2004-04-11 Thread Dan Chisarick
So after cleaning up from fixing a few stray disk errors on my laptop (soft errors, backup, reformat, restore, life is good), getting pasted by GNU Chess (a vintage game in every respect) in the afternoon, I contemplate how I can keep that momentum going. So I tried scanning in one of my

Re: [SWCollect] Is this particular version rare?????

2004-04-07 Thread Dan Chisarick
Always seems someone has unlimited disposable income... right about the time you see something you'd like to have. For insanity like this, I wonder how insurance companies would compute the value of such an item. Purchase price? Average cost? Replacement value (whatever that is)? When you

[SWCollect] Another Is this rare?

2004-04-07 Thread Dan Chisarick
Deluxe Edition of Wasteland??? ViewItemcategory=4610item=4121816523rd=1 Aside from lines like Casual collectors may wish to pass this by and each disk verified by Copy II Plus (which I'd love to know how he did that since the protection on Wasteland was

Re: [SWCollect] Adventure Construction Set

2004-04-03 Thread Dan Chisarick
for it, to no avail. - Original Message - From: Dan Chisarick [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: swcollect Mailing List [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Saturday, April 03, 2004 6:14 PM Subject: Re: [SWCollect] Adventure Construction Set Two people who had the same urge at the same time. I know I had a little trouble

Re: [SWCollect] Roadtrip to Washington, D.C?

2004-03-29 Thread Dan Chisarick
H sounds good. I'll probably go. On Mar 29, 2004, at 1:18 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all. just thought I'd open an invitation to a historic event, that officially justifies our hobby. The Smithsonian Institution is now having a seminar on 'An exploration on the art and science

Re: [SWCollect] Chris?

2004-03-28 Thread Dan Chisarick
I've seen variations on this theme that irritate me. One was an Apple disk archiving kit for $25. Basically it was the documentation and (free) software for transferring Apple II disk images to a PC (using a serial cable and something like xmodem. Bah! Primitive.) Of course the images

Re: [SWCollect] Chris?

2004-03-28 Thread Dan Chisarick
Seems to have been a lot of this lately (people accidentally replying to the list instead of an individual). If at all possible, if you're going to accidentally e-mail something to a list that's read by dozens and archived for viewing by potentially millions, at least make it interesting...

Re: [SWCollect] I'll be the first to say..

2004-03-23 Thread Dan Chisarick
of the games that got me trolling ebay for vintage software. Kinda reminds me of a primitive version of Dark Spyre. On Mar 23, 2004, at 4:03 PM, Edward Franks wrote: On Mar 22, 2004, at 8:08 PM, Dan Chisarick wrote: [Snip] I'm hoping the higher-than-expected sale price of Drash will allow you to keep

Re: [SWCollect] PhillyClassic

2004-03-21 Thread Dan Chisarick
w/the DVD. On Mar 21, 2004, at 1:12 AM, Jim Leonard wrote: Dan Chisarick wrote: Howard Scott Warshaw was there (wrote Yar's Revenge, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and E.T. I think) Nice to see a classic developer trek all the way over from CA. He was cool. I bought a copy of Once Upon Atari from

[SWCollect] Sam Max II

2004-03-20 Thread Dan Chisarick
Appears to have been shelved: An appeal from the masses for reconsideration: Sigh. OK everyone, back to your 3D shooters and RTS eye candy...

Re: [SWCollect] PhillyClassic

2004-03-20 Thread Dan Chisarick
see no reason to go. Stuart -Original Message- From: Dan Chisarick [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2004 12:24 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [SWCollect] PhillyClassic I realize it wasn't organized like last year, but is anyone going? Its this weekend

[SWCollect] PhillyClassic

2004-03-19 Thread Dan Chisarick
I realize it wasn't organized like last year, but is anyone going? Its this weekend. -- This message was sent to you because you are currently subscribed to the swcollect mailing list. To unsubscribe, send mail to [EMAIL

Re: [SWCollect] Announcing the CGW Museum

2004-03-19 Thread Dan Chisarick
I just got a chance to take a look (its been a truly awful week @ work), and it is a thing of beauty. Crisp scans, good color, (an appropriate watermark)... definitely a next best thing (to owning the actual mags). I was going to scan my Computist collection as PDF files. While I've never

Re: [SWCollect] Here we go.....

2004-03-15 Thread Dan Chisarick
Collect games so I can play them: Guilty (though as of late its collect games so I can rip my hair out imaging them so that SOME DAY I can play them). Also, thanks for all the tape-archiving advice. I have 1 or 2 tapes and was meaning to get around to them sometime real soon now. I have a

Re: [SWCollect] Wireless Optical Mouse and ebay

2004-03-09 Thread Dan Chisarick
While the MX 700 is a wonderful piece of hardware (its what I'm using now) it is REALLY fussy about how far away it is from its base station. They advertised a max of 6'. More like 2' for truly reliable use. Of course I have a wireless network and possibly other sources of RF interference.

Re: [SWCollect] Spyware

2004-03-08 Thread Dan Chisarick
While it is a little off-topic I can't help but throw in my $0.02... LavaSoft is excellent. Spybot seek destroy is also excellent. A previous post had both links. My father recently had a problem (dozens of spybots), and now he runs both. One will find ones the other won't. No complaints,

[SWCollect] Funny typo

2004-03-06 Thread Dan Chisarick
Its a very long description, but the typo (about 2/3 of the way down) is priceless: ViewItemcategory=1183item=3178965064 -- This message was sent to you because you are currently

[SWCollect] Castle Wolfenstein

2004-03-02 Thread Dan Chisarick
I think Castle Wolfenstein should win the most package variants of any software title ever. Not counting overseas packing and I don't think they had 'budget' packing, there's like 4-5 variants of the Apple II version perhaps? I never saw this one before:

Re: [SWCollect] eBay change

2004-02-28 Thread Dan Chisarick
Yup. I saw the category disappear from my 'favorites' list. I thought I deleted it by accident somehow. Seems its now Computers | Apple,Macintosh | Vintage | Vintage or some such. On Feb 28, 2004, at 3:19 PM, Hugh Falk wrote: x-tad-biggerDid eBay just change their categories?  Apple II

Re: [SWCollect] spam?

2004-02-23 Thread Dan Chisarick
No but I run a spam blocker so even if there was there's a good chance I wouldn't see it. I didn't think it was even possible for spam to get past the subscription mechanism. On Feb 23, 2004, at 6:32 PM, Jim Leonard wrote: Is anyone seeing spam on the swcollect list? -- Jim Leonard ([EMAIL

Re: [SWCollect] Weird Ultima auction on eBay

2004-02-01 Thread Dan Chisarick
Member since '99, no activity for years, then has 10 of these fine items. Hell, even if they ARE fake, I don't mind a spare map to play with. I think I'll send some questions... On Feb 1, 2004, at 8:40 PM, Per-Olof Karlsson wrote: Did anyone see this auction?

Re: [SWCollect] Weird Ultima auction on eBay

2004-02-01 Thread Dan Chisarick
Did a Google on Lord_Pall (including the underscore, no quotes). Several hits in newsgroups to that handle around the time his ebay account was created in '98. All hits... referenced Ultima Online. Ya know, for $18, I can live down being scammed :) I bought one. On Feb 1, 2004, at 9:44 PM,

Re: [SWCollect] Weird Ultima auction on eBay

2004-02-01 Thread Dan Chisarick
My PayPal/ebay confirmation came back w/his name: D Rubenfield, which does xref to Lord Pall/Dan Rubenfield working for Origin. Maybe I should get two. On Feb 1, 2004, at 9:44 PM, Edward Franks wrote: On Feb 1, 2004, at 8:20 PM, Stephane Racle wrote: Perhaps someone who worked at Origin in

Re: [SWCollect] Talking about rarity/value

2004-01-30 Thread Dan Chisarick
As an aside I've gotten creamed by this guy on several occasions. I think he just 'safety bids' on everything :) I'd love to see his collection. Perhaps an invite to the list? On Jan 30, 2004, at 12:10 AM, Stephane Racle wrote: Wow...

Re: [SWCollect] Rarity Scale

2004-01-28 Thread Dan Chisarick
I love the idea. While a clever acronym I'm not sure what is more rare than 'unique', let alone what word starts with 's' that embodies that. I'd suggest just letting 's' stand for 'scale'. Of course then you run into usage like ATM Machine (where if you expand the acronym the sentence sounds

Re: [SWCollect] Rarity Scale

2004-01-28 Thread Dan Chisarick
Ultima II is also in the Ultima Trilogy :) Distinct from the others because the splash screen says Origin and not Sierra. On Jan 28, 2004, at 1:18 PM, Howard Feldman wrote: Sounds cool. I'd agree that TWO ratings might be better - one for 'rarity' and one for 'value'. The Giant list of

[SWCollect] Deal on the side???

2004-01-27 Thread Dan Chisarick
While certainly it could be for legitimate reasons, when all of a sudden a cluster of desirable, related items is ended early, I can't help but wonder if there was a little backroom negotiation. I've only done it a few times myself (usually the seller declines) but in all cases is was because

Re: [SWCollect] Deal on the side???

2004-01-27 Thread Dan Chisarick
: Dan Chisarick [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Software Collectibles Mailing List [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 2:18 AM Subject: [SWCollect] Deal on the side??? While certainly it could be for legitimate reasons, when all of a sudden a cluster of desirable, related items is ended early, I

Re: [SWCollect] 5.25s vs. 3.5s

2004-01-22 Thread Dan Chisarick
Guilty of the exact same thing. My friend was over one day and say Why don't you try walking around instead of just rebooting? Then I remember frantically searching FOR the whirlpool not long afterwards. Ultima III is on the top 5 games I want to replay. On Jan 22, 2004, at 1:08 AM, Jim

Re: [SWCollect] Ethical question

2004-01-21 Thread Dan Chisarick
I guess that depends on how you assess the value. No one here has bought a classic game that they themselves wouldn't have paid a few more dollars to have. Some come at the breaking point, but I'd reckon most don't hit that level. Also, sometimes you see two newer collectors on ebay overbid on

Re: [SWCollect] Modern classics

2004-01-21 Thread Dan Chisarick
Between games being super-realistic (compared to classic games at least) and most new gamers not knowing how good a well-packaged game could be, the buyers don't know what they're missing and could probably care less. I bet these same people don't watch AMC either. Gotta love writing for

Re: [SWCollect] Ethical question

2004-01-21 Thread Dan Chisarick
Ok, you win that. Just curious, how often does that particular piece of code see instruction pointer (the one that lowers bids)? On Jan 21, 2004, at 6:36 PM, C.E. Forman wrote: How many sellers would tell a buyer they are paying too much? Yo. B-) The Shoppe, anyway. If the person uses the

Re: [SWCollect] 5.25s vs. 3.5s

2004-01-20 Thread Dan Chisarick
Ok, someone who collects classic games and they're surprised by a 5.25 disk? They got the shame on me part right, but have no right being upset at you, and doubly so for not talking to you first. At the hight of my media conversion insanity, I had everything on a 4-port KVM. Now all the old

[SWCollect] Early MPOG

2004-01-12 Thread Dan Chisarick
Most of the more recent games that I would have mentioned have already mentioned... (whoever mentioned Deus Ex, what about System Shock 2, and Thief)? SS2 was really good, but Thief didn't really do it for me as far as gameplay. I love the atmosphere, but the game struck me as tedious in

Re: [SWCollect] Mt. Drash cassette and market value

2004-01-10 Thread Dan Chisarick
. -Original Message- From: Dan Chisarick [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 2:51 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [SWCollect] Mt. Drash cassette and market value I saw what I think was a re-packaged Doriath in the last 2-3 months but other than that, zip. Black Magic

Re: [SWCollect] Mt. Drash cassette and market value

2004-01-08 Thread Dan Chisarick
Apple II games signed by their authors and I've gotten some nice reactions from them - john The goal of the works of a genius' existance lies only in itself. -Original Message- From: Dan Chisarick [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 2:51 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: [SWCollect] Mt. Drash cassette and market value

2004-01-07 Thread Dan Chisarick
I saw what I think was a re-packaged Doriath in the last 2-3 months but other than that, zip. Black Magic for the Apple was the first Apple game I bought off ebay. That was 2+ years ago, and I might have only seen one since then. Superb game. Does not take long to beat. Tower of Myraglen

Re: [SWCollect] Mt. Drash cassette and market value

2004-01-05 Thread Dan Chisarick
I don't know if there's any pattern to what I will shell out for. I wouldn't pay much for Mt. Drash, Akalbeth or a shrinkwrapped 'saucer' box. I just can't see myself doing anything with them other than putting them on a shelf. I've tried the Pokemon strategy (gotta catch/get them all) in

Re: [SWCollect] Technology never ceases to amaze (long)

2003-12-29 Thread Dan Chisarick
.) Oops. I have (no kidding) at least 10 copies of 'Omega', probably more. I still can't bring myself to destroy just *one* copy of the massive manual to scan it :) On Dec 29, 2003, at 5:57 PM, Jim Leonard wrote: Dan Chisarick wrote: When I was done w/this batch (61 disk images) and waiting

Re: [SWCollect] When did you discover ebay?

2003-12-27 Thread Dan Chisarick
September 17, 2000. I originally joined to hunt down some comic books (Lobo and Golgo 13). A few months later I discovered they had vintage games. Typical newbie syndrome I overbid on lots of stuff. Over time I discovered A) patience and B) that ebay wasn't the best outlet (cost-effective

[SWCollect] Technology never ceases to amaze

2003-12-26 Thread Dan Chisarick
While I was visiting my parents for xmas I did another marathon archiving session (Floppy - disk image - CD). I've lost track of how many times I've said this is the last time. The sessions get further and further apart, but each time I flip the switch(es) the machines keep coming back for

Re: [SWCollect] TomMage's Holiday Auctions!! (worth a look ;))

2003-12-24 Thread Dan Chisarick
How much extra for the autographed copy of the RARE item? On Dec 24, 2003, at 1:23 AM, Hugh Falk wrote: x-tad-biggerHa! Thats great!/x-tad-bigger x-tad-bigger/x-tad-bigger x-tad-bigger-Original Message-/x-tad-bigger x-tad-biggerFrom:/x-tad-biggerx-tad-bigger[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [SWCollect] 'Tis the season to be stingy?

2003-12-22 Thread Dan Chisarick
I wish ebay charged by the exclamation point... On Dec 21, 2003, at 7:27 PM, Edward Franks wrote: On Dec 18, 2003, at 2:09 PM, Jim Leonard wrote: [Snip] Is this particular time not the best time to be listing stuff for auction? Or is it just a fluke? I don't want to go through all this

Re: [SWCollect] eBay's Latest

2003-12-20 Thread Dan Chisarick
While ebay and paypal are the root of all evil, its possible its also to prevent bots from harvesting user info for targeted spam. Most ebay users use their exact e-mail address as their username. Something else I noticed is sometimes I have a hard time logging in. It has told me more than

Re: [SWCollect] Sandalwood box (was: Vintage games w/fatal flaws)

2003-12-09 Thread Dan Chisarick
It sounds like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction :) Still, I would have never made that connection. I had to stare at the wall thinking for a bit to remember it from U5. On Dec 9, 2003, at 4:02 AM, Pedro Quaresma wrote: I never understood the reasoning behind needing a sandalwood box. I'm

Re: [SWCollect] Vintage games w/fatal flaws

2003-12-04 Thread Dan Chisarick
That reminds me about The Immortal on the PC. *Twice* I played it to the dragon, twice the @#(%@(#*% thing froze on me on that board. I swear I love the mood of that game (simple as it was). I called support and they said It shouldn't do that. Never got to the end. It'd probably take me an

Re: [SWCollect] Vintage games w/fatal flaws

2003-12-04 Thread Dan Chisarick
e same problem. I found out only recently that the problem is a coding bug. Drove me nuts! I spent many hours playing that game only to give up completely frustrated. - Original Message - From: Dan Chisarick [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> Sent: Thursday, December 04,

Re: [SWCollect] [Fwd: Re: 5.25 disks?]

2003-12-03 Thread Dan Chisarick
Good article. They really had focused on an achievable goal and did a good job, too. The shift to consoles away from computers for first-run big titles pretty much tells the story with regard to protecting games from piracy (and for support reasons too). If that 'secure computing

Re: [SWCollect] How to protect against theft of big-money items?

2003-11-30 Thread Dan Chisarick
Less trustworthy? Of course not. But there's zero recourse if anything goes awry with an overseas transaction, even if its simply damaged in shipping. He's referring to the policies, not the people. Personally I've sent things to the UK, Israel, Portugal and Australia with zero problems.

[SWCollect] Evil vs. Evil

2003-11-22 Thread Dan Chisarick
While not game collecting per se, PayPal has gotten a good amount of debate here so I figured it was relevant. cnn=yes On an unrelated note, shocked that CE didn't take a swing at the Platypus stamps :)

Re: [SWCollect] Copyright confusion clarified

2003-11-01 Thread Dan Chisarick
Good article. Grey areas I'd have to wonder about: - I'm a non-technical user who wants to backup my Commodore 64 copy of M.U.L.E. According to this I have a legal right to do so. However, I'm technically incapable of doing so on my own. This law says I have a right, but is it legal for

[SWCollect] Doriath

2003-09-05 Thread Dan Chisarick
Anyone ever hear of a game for the C64 called Doriath? I think it was published by Virgin. I found an image of it long ago, but I've never seen a copy for sale anywhere. I used to play it for hours (despite it being one of those super-annoying start from the beginning/one life/no save sort

Re: [SWCollect] Ebay trader experiences

2003-08-31 Thread Dan Chisarick
I've purchased items directly from their website, and from ebay and have generally been satisfied. My only complaint was that once I tried buying a game from their site (Legend of Blacksilver I believe) and got no response for days. Suddenly I see it listed on ebay a week or two later. I

Re: [SWCollect] Paypal protection plan

2003-08-10 Thread Dan Chisarick
My $0.02... I can't help but noticed that a lot of the auctions I've won lately don't take PayPal. I use BidPay in those cases (whose fees are a little stiff at times but checks are for all intents and purposes like cash. BidPay gives me proof of payment sent so its worth the extra $1 to me).

Re: [SWCollect] Housecleaning

2003-07-24 Thread Dan Chisarick
Yeah, the originals that I got my hands on when they were current and not collectors items definitely have the most value to me. The funny thing is, I remember what I was doing, where I bought it from, and other events surrounding acquiring these. I don't even remember what I had for

[SWCollect] Surprised

2003-07-21 Thread Dan Chisarick
For no particular reason I stopped in the local Game Stop. I've been grabbing all the fullsize Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale titles (and their add-ons) for $10-20 each lately. 6 down, 2 to go. Anyway, guy behind the counter, couldn't have been more than... 19. I mention something about

Re: [SWCollect] Shareware collection

2003-06-05 Thread Dan Chisarick
While I don't have any shareware in my collection (OK, I have the pile of DOOM levels but that's it) you do raise an interesting point. Some commercial games have been re-released as shareware (most notably through magazines that had optional disk subscriptions and certain computer clubs).

Re: [SWCollect] The Origin Museum is in DANGER!

2003-02-23 Thread Dan Chisarick
Joe, That's a pretty gut-wrenching visual. I'm glad you saved the most prized items, and hope you can minimize any further damage. After reading your post I was wondering if dehumidifiers and silica gel packs (the do not eat packs in aspirin bottles and such) would help, but it sounds like

Re: [SWCollect] Museum....Out of Danger?

2003-02-23 Thread Dan Chisarick
I had a pipe burst over one of my boxes. Several books took the hit. Sadly one was the hint guide for the Ultima Collection (go figure). That was the full extent of the damage. Even though the books were soaked like they were tossed in the shower, no mildew formed on them (though they

[SWCollect] Platform

2003-02-21 Thread Dan Chisarick
Guess what platform its really for: eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemcategory=3561item=3008682923rd=1 -- This message was sent to you because you are currently subscribed to the swcollect mailing list. To

Re: [SWCollect] Greetings

2003-02-09 Thread Dan Chisarick
A few questions about InfoDOS... - I'm assuming it was written from scratch. What did it have that DOS/ProDOS didn't? Smaller footprint, faster, no Apple royalties :)? - How long did it take to write? - Last, were you pretty much on your own writing it (here's a buncha requirements, get us

RE: [SWCollect] Software collecting videos

2003-02-04 Thread Dan Chisarick
$15 is reasonable. -Original Message- From: Jim Leonard [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 3:57 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [SWCollect] Software collecting videos Here's another quick question: Assuming I create a DVD of all these various

RE: [SWCollect] New topic--Collectors UNITE!

2003-02-01 Thread Dan Chisarick
Since everyone else is sharing... (ages, pictures, e-mail addresses, what next?) -Original Message- From: Alexander Zöller [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 8:09 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [SWCollect] New

RE: [SWCollect] Chris Foreman's Gay Pride Shrine

2003-01-30 Thread Dan Chisarick
Well the link is there but the actual offensive picture seems to have disappeared. I printed the auction out to a PDF file w/the aforementioned picture just in case someone needs some backup reporting this guy, if they haven't already. Speaking of pictures, if no one wanted their

RE: [SWCollect] New topic--Collectors UNITE!

2003-01-25 Thread Dan Chisarick
I had a pipe burst above one of my boxes of games once. They were spared because of some cheap loose-fitting bags sealed with a single piece of tape. Breathable but servicable too. Certainly one can't expect plastic boxes to protect them from everything, but I strongly agree with the

RE: [SWCollect] New topic--Collectors UNITE!

2003-01-23 Thread Dan Chisarick
Boxes: Not sure of the sizes. I'd say something big enough to hold an SSI wargame should be about right. I'd definitely order at least 100 of them if they're in the $1.50/ea range. Philly classic: That gets my vote (so what if its 35 minutes from my house). John Romero's

RE: [SWCollect] Some people push it...

2003-01-14 Thread Dan Chisarick
Title: Message Yeah, that is pretty bad. He cites in his description "this is an extremely rare game". Anyone who has anything that is truely desirable typically starts the bidding under $10 knowing that hordes will jump all over it. To change the change of topic slightly, anyone got some

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