Re: [SWCollect] Planetfall 2

2000-12-09 Thread Trantor
I would love to see it, if you could upload it somewhere and send out the URL, I'd be there in no time. Jim Leonard wrote: As we all know, this was never completed, dropped by Activision in 1995. But I recently ran across a non-interactive demo (a movie, essentially) that Activision put

Re: [SWCollect] DOTC for Mac?

2000-11-30 Thread Trantor
I occasionally buy a Mac game, even though I don't have a mac to play them on. If the boxes and materials are 100% I really don't mind the system. AS for a Mac version of DOTC, that's just weird. Never heard of a Mac version, but wouldn't surprise me. If you win it, could you send me a

Re: [SWCollect] Box Standardization

2000-11-28 Thread Trantor
I guess I'll throw my two cents into this one. While I love the old boxes, the cool little extras that could even make bad games good (the collector's comic book in Dr. Doom's Revenge) If the standardized prices lead to lower prices at the store, I'm all for it. Back in the mid 80's the