Re: [swift-users] Possible bug in Swift REPL autocompletion?

2016-12-23 Thread Alex Blewitt via swift-users
I think this is a known issue but I don't know what the bug is. Please can you create a bug on and include a reproduction, including what output you see? Thanks, Alex > On 22 Dec 2016, at 21:19, Eugenio Baglieri via swift-users >

[swift-users] Possible bug in Swift REPL autocompletion?

2016-12-22 Thread Eugenio Baglieri via swift-users
Good evening, i was playing with swift REPL. I imported Darwin and using c functions. I noted that autocompletion is unusable if the last character is a parenthesis “(“. The autocompletion seems to not get account of the already written function name, and after parenthesis shows as possible