Re: [swinog] SwiNOG-BE69 - Beer Event 69 - 5th of Janu ary 2009 @ Le Dézaley / ZH

2008-12-28 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Sorry for getting off-topic .. but... 23:59:60 is the same (if wold exist) like 00:00:00 and this is the New year... No: 23:59:60 is not the same as 00:00:00 So 31.12.2008 will be 86401 seconds long instead of 86400 seconds. But anyway..

Re: [swinog] SwiNOG-BE69 - Beer Event 69 - 5th of Janu ary 2009 @ Le Dézaley / ZH

2008-12-27 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Registration deadline:31.12.2008 23:59:59 klugscheiss 2008 is a 'leap-second-year' [1] and ends at 23:59:60, *NOT* at 23:59:59 :-p /klugscheiss Regards, Adrian 1: ___ swinog mailing list

Re: [swinog] Netclean - news

2008-12-10 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Filtering locally simply means stopping end users to access illegal sites. Ok, but the sites are still there and everybody else will still have access ! Yes, but i'm sure that the 'local' netclean box can log IPs of people who attempted to access such illegal sites (such as Wikipedia) So

Re: [swinog] Bluewin SMTP Policy

2008-06-13 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Hi Roger, Now we found out that bluewin doesn't allow authenticated smtp-relay from users outside their ip-range, so all our customers with bluewin-mailadresses would have no smtp-server available. That's not entirely correct: will relay mails from non-bluewin-ip-ranges

Re: [swinog] Bluewin SMTP Policy

2008-06-13 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Hi, Thank you for clearing this up. So we have to give bluewin-users with free bluewin mail-accounts an smtp-account on our servers I think. Well, they could call our helpdesk and ask them to disable the 'Restricted IP-Range' feature for a specific mailaccount. Our helpdesk will disable it

Re: [swinog] Has Bluewin a DNS Problem

2008-03-26 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Hi, Bluewin does a reverse DNS lookup on your IP (, ..yes Bluewin does a normal forward DNS lookup, using the result from the above query. we don't. The resolver implementation of our MTA software appears to have a problem with truncated UDP responses. (Btw: Why do you have

Re: AW: [swinog] Problems reaching large Websites

2008-01-28 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich works, but try any other host that is being contacted while loading and is hosted by akamai, such as No problem via Bluewin-DSL: $ telnet 80 Trying Connected to ( Escape character is '^]'. HEAD /

Re: AW: [swinog] not replicating

2008-01-25 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
ok, but why is there no answer? Does work correctly? Regards, Adrian ___ swinog mailing list

Re: [swinog] bluewin mail servers load balancers don't like AAAA - breaks email

2007-10-31 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Hi Jeroen ;; -HEADER- opcode: QUERY, status: REFUSED, id: 22394 ;; flags: qr aa rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0 We are aware that doesn't play well with IPv6 (and we also know that some lb-vendors are not able to fix such simple bugs). And

Re: [swinog] SMS alerting solution

2007-08-03 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
It's a little expensive if you have many SMS'es - does anyone know who to contact (e.g. at Swisscom) to get a package-deal with a direct TCP interface? You are looking for an 'SMSC Large Account' You'll get your own 'short id'

Re: [swinog]

2007-06-22 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Is there someone left who uses them to reject mails on smtp level? Yes, we are still using on our MX servers, but we are using the rsync feed and we are able to whitelist IPs within a few seconds. Anyway: is still there but

Re: [swinog] Exchange Servers having problems with SMTP 4xx temporary failures?

2007-04-12 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Hello Benoit, Have other seen this behaviour of exchange servers Yes. One of our MX servers somehow managed to loose the connection to the ldap server (didn't dare to re-establish it) and only returned (valid) tempfail messages. Sending mails from Exchange (internal messaging system) to this

Re: [swinog] Re: blocking ports?

2007-04-11 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Seems to me that the benefit of cutting down on Spam would be worth the trouble of using port 587... Blocking port 25 is just a quick-n-dirty 'fix'. What will happen when virus-writers are going to spam using 587 (The credentials are stored on the users PC anyway..)? What would people do to

Re: [swinog] to SPF or not to SPF

2007-02-19 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
would they not then block official port 587 as well as port 25? That was the position I heard the 'customer service rep' take the last time I tried to solve such a problem through appeal to bureaucratic sensibility. There isn't really a (valid) reason to block port 587: Blocking outgoing

Re: [swinog] to SPF or not to SPF

2007-02-18 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
So I would suggest offering SMTP (AUTH) support on ports 25 and 26, just to be sure. No no no. RFC: 2476: | 3. Message Submission | 3.1. Submission Identification | | Port 587 is reserved for email message submission as specified in | this document. Messages received on this port are

Re: [swinog] to SPF or not to SPF

2007-02-14 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
And why not using the existing authentication protocol on outgoing smtp server ? So the sender can use the smtp server of the provider of its email address from any network and SPF can work without any problem. How would this solve the forwarding problem? And how are you going to teach

Re: AW: [swinog] Mail Server suggestions

2006-12-22 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Hi, The only thing coming close to it in scalability is Critical Path. Does the windows version of Critical Path still exist? ;-) After all it's a good/stable product. (Well: i dislike the CP-smtpd .. it works unless you try to do anything funky .. but replacing it with postfix/qmail isn't a

Re: [swinog] [EMAIL PROTECTED] - anyone from bluewin in here?

2006-03-07 Diskussionsfäden Adrian Ulrich
Can anyone please delete them and block the sender's address [EMAIL PROTECTED] Done: [EMAIL PROTECTED] is now blacklisted on and i'm about to clean our queue. Regards, Adrian ___ swinog mailing list