Re: [swinog] What blacklists does use

2017-10-31 Diskussionsfäden Franco Hug
Hi BenoƮt, I don't know - but I do find this in their email headers: X-Bluewin-Spam: Cloudmark -> At the bottom of that page you can even find the Swisscom logo. My 2 cents, hope they help! Gruass, Franco On 10/31/17 15:08, Benoit Panizzon wrote: Hello List A

Re: [swinog] Reject von

2016-03-19 Diskussionsfäden Franco Hug
Hoi zaema, Ich beobachte das gleiche Verhalten mit, aus dem Netz, evtl. gar ... > DE-GIGA-HOSTING-20100728 - > CONTABO - Da scheint das

Re: [swinog] Has Bluewin a DNS Problem

2008-03-26 Diskussionsfäden Franco Hug
Hi Xaver, I had a similar problem when I set up the mail server on my virtual server and wanted to send mail to domains that are hosted by After searching a while, I think this is the way how it works: Step 1: == Bluewin does a reverse DNS lookup on your IP (,