Re: [swinog] Anyone from Green here?

2008-09-11 Diskussionsfäden Kurt A. Schumacher
We had asked several time for a delegation for a MPS8 and MPS16 contract - and they denied it. So submitted a list of hosts to be added to their DNS for adding PTRs. No reply, and still only the default PTR entries... Has anything changed in this since the TIC merger? -Kurt.

RE: [swinog] Has Bluewin a DNS Problem

2008-03-26 Diskussionsfäden Kurt A. Schumacher
... This is a silly reverse setup. A reverse lookup should only return one hostname, not 20. ... Well, tend to agree. What about the most stupid wanabe Spam-fighter which are very unhappy as in place (e.g. the third-party service provider systems acting with some SC subsidiaries...) which

RE: [swinog] VDSL/Zyxel P2802 HWL not strong enough for a small company LAN?

2008-03-05 Diskussionsfäden Kurt A. Schumacher
Salut Olivier, We are using ZyXEL ZyWALL1050/USG1000/USG300 behind various P-2802. In most case, we have some public IP address subnet, the P-2802 is running as (br-)router, smaller installations PPPoE is terminated on the ZyWALL. As wholesales VDSL2 is PPPoE only, there is no

RE: [swinog] feedback on pppoe needed

2007-06-12 Diskussionsfäden Kurt A. Schumacher
There is no PPPoA in Austria AFIAK - aside from some other strange specific things and issues... We are lucky in Switzerland (or say by Swisscom mistake?) to have PPPoA support - indeed. -Kurt. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of [EMAIL

RE: [swinog] Huge retry delays in mail from Sunrise

2007-03-27 Diskussionsfäden Kurt A. Schumacher
Stanislav Sinyagin wrote: We use the email greylisting policy for incoming email for us and our customers, and it appears that often the email from Sunrise network comes with huge delays, from several hours to several days. Did anyone else see such problems? Guys from Sunrise, plase

RE: [swinog] SDSL

2006-08-27 Diskussionsfäden Kurt A. Schumacher
...doing more than 2.3Mbit/s per copper pair is currently not allowed by Swisscom spectrum management Andre, Is this restrction gross or net? What about using e.g. G.SHDSL (which can go to 11 Mbps and more on short copper pairs) or can e.g. G.SHDSL be used if the lines are long enough or

RE: [swinog] Blacklisted Server

2006-03-19 Diskussionsfäden Kurt A. Schumacher
Hoi Xaver, Auf BlueCoat/Cerberian wird die SVP korrekterweise blockiert, wenn"Political Activists/Groups" aktiviert ist. -Kurt. From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Xaver AerniSent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 11:24 AMTo: swinog@swinog.chSubject: [swinog]