[swinog] Re: 15% IPv6 drop in Switzerland

2022-04-12 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Nico Schottelius writes: > Salut everyone, > on this sunny Sunday, is anyone else wondering why we had a drop of > about 15% points from 2021 to 2022 of detected IPv6 usage? > I am referring to https://stats.labs.apnic.net/ipv6/CH which shows it > quite impressive. My guess would be that this

[swinog] NEW: Matrix group! Let 1000 flowers bloom [was: Re: Telegram group]

2020-02-16 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
jma writes: > I usually remain silent and read interesting threads but on this > topic I would like to express a few things. Sincere thanks from me for your contribution. > I'm part of those to conceive Internet concepts such as distributed > and federated protocols as the core values of the

Re: [swinog] Telegram group

2020-02-13 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Ralph Krämer writes: > why telegram and not signal or threema? Why not all! And fivema and sixma as well!! Seriously, what was wrong with irc.swinog.ch? Is IRC considered a boomer thing that millenials won't touch? Just curious - I'm happy to follow everyone everywhere, but not everybody does,

Re: [swinog] AS3303 overlapping prefix

2011-04-03 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Andy Grawehr writes: when i check our prefix on www.ris.ripe.net i get an overlapping prefix: announced by AS3303. Google AS3303 semi-default. AS3303 announces this /3 to their customers and possibly use it internally. It's part of an elaborate mechanism to trade

Re: [swinog] BÜPF...again ; )

2010-08-21 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Privacy is something, only old people seem to care about. I hear that a lot, but it doesn't seem to hold up to scientific scrutiny: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/study_youth_not_only_care_about_facebook_privacy_t.php But just continue to claim this; it makes old people feel better. --

Re: [swinog] Urgent request to clear DNS cache for cablecom.net

2010-06-11 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Jerome Tissieres writes: From behind SWITCH; www.cablecom.ch is not known and www.cablecom.net goes to a godaddy sponsor page. Some of our anycast nameservers had cached the temporary delegation and NXDOMAIN responses for ns{1,2}.cablecom.net. Unfortunately we only heard about it this morning.

[swinog] IPv6 deployment questionnaire for ISPs

2010-01-31 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
As part of the work of the IETF v6ops WG, Brian Carpenter is soliciting input from ISPs on IPv6 deployment: http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~brian/ISP-v6-QQ.html If you have a couple of minutes, please consider filling out this ASCII questionnaire and mailing it to Brian. It would be great if you

[swinog] SWITCH Sourceforge mirror available again

2009-02-21 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Over the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed that for Sourceforge downloads, Lausanne, Switzerland (SWITCH) (switch.dl.sourceforge.net) was no longer listed as a mirror option. The reason was that the disk array of the server had become too small to hold the entire Sourceforge mirror

Re: [swinog] Bluewin SMTP Policy

2008-06-13 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Jeroen Massar writes: Just display the captcha from the signup on $pornsite, a person will fill it in for you, captcha bypassed. If it is interesting and cheap for then to abuse it, they will. The approach is mentioned in an excellent talk by Louis von Ahn, who invented the CAPTCHA:

Rant about DNS and TCP [was: Re: [swinog] Has Bluewin a DNS Problem]

2008-03-27 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Claudio Jeker writes: Until recently only AXFR was using tcp, If you look at the original DNS specs, i.e. RFC 1035, RFC 1123, etc, you will find that the protocol always specified that any DNS queries can be performed over TCP. In particular, this is the normal fallback method when a query over

Re: [swinog] Update

2007-05-01 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
hm.. do i miss something here? what is this about? In order to embarrass/amuse susbcribers, this mailing list adds a Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] header to all messages. It has always been that way. Maybe one day, we can decide that everybody knows when to use reply and when

Re: [swinog] BGP problems at Cablecom?

2006-12-04 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Xaver Aerni writes: Zürich kann auch weit weg sein, von Zürich. Mach mal einen Trace von CC nach Sunrise... Da gehst ja schnell nach Belgien kehren... ??? I'd love to learn how to use trace (route?) thingie, I keep hearing good things about it... mtr from my home gateway on a normal Hispeed

Re: [swinog] CIXP power outage this morning ?

2006-02-08 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Jérôme Tissières writes: 2nd, Frederic you send your mails to the whole list :)) This is excusable because the Swinog mailing list has this dreaded Reply-to: swinog@swinog.ch policy, so a reply becomes a followup. Can we please get rid of this? -- Simon.

[swinog] TIX flapping this afternoon?

2005-12-12 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Anybody else noticed BGP flaps on the TIX? We lost several sessions between 17:46 and 17:47 (MET) today, then sessions coming and going until most stabilized around 20:22. Maybe it was our router, but curiously the other sessions on that router somehow survived (SwissIX and Telia), so I'm

Re: [swinog] NetFlow

2005-08-30 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Raffael Marty writes: I am doing some research on NetFlow and wanted to ask you guys a few things: How are you using NetFlow? For what purposes? Billing? Security? Yes, both billing (and coarse-grained traffic analysis on our upstream and peering connections) and security (detection and

Re: [swinog] [Fwd: [Full-disclosure] DNS Smurf revisited]

2005-05-27 Diskussionsfäden Simon Leinen
Fabian Wenk writes: This Mail [1] arrived just over the Full-Disclosure mailinglist [2], but should probably also be of interest to some people here. [1] http://lists.grok.org.uk/pipermail/full-disclosure/2005-May/034342.html [2]