[swinog] Off List Contact: bighosting / hightechbits

2009-08-26 Diskussionsfäden Tobias Göller
Hi All I'm not sure someone from hightechbits.com / bighosting.biz is on this list. If yes: Could someone of you please contact me offlist ASAP? Thanks Tobias Goeller ___ swinog mailing list swinog@lists.swinog.ch

[swinog] HostPoint == Please contact me off-list

2008-07-05 Diskussionsfäden Tobias Göller
Hello, Could someone from Hostpoint please contact me offlist (+41792179607)? Thanks a lot! Tobias ___ swinog mailing list swinog@lists.swinog.ch http://lists.swinog.ch/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/swinog

Re: [swinog] massive udp attacks from

2008-06-01 Diskussionsfäden Tobias Göller
Hello, Since the protocol is UDP I wouldn't be too surprised if effective sender is using multiple hosts to send UDP Data. So in fact, what you're doing, is just fighting the symptoms and not the desease. I have certain doubts that subxtreme.net is the real origin. I myself am

Re: [swinog] ISP in Baden?

2008-04-08 Diskussionsfäden Tobias Göller
Hello, cablecom is upgrading the office 3000 to 15MBit/s down and 2MBit/s up in combination with static ip. At CH220.--/mt it's rather expensive though... CU Tobias On 08.04.2008, at 14:12, Peter Baumann wrote: Hi all A friend of me is searching a good isp in baden (PLZ 5400). The

Re: [swinog] Has Bluewin a DNS Problem

2008-03-26 Diskussionsfäden Tobias Göller
Hi Kurt, On 26.03.2008, at 15:03, Kurt A. Schumacher wrote: ... This is a silly reverse setup. A reverse lookup should only return one hostname, not 20. ... What about the most stupid wanabe Spam-fighter which are very unhappy as in place (e.g. the third-party service provider systems

Re: [swinog] The truth about cheap sysadmins

2008-01-17 Diskussionsfäden Tobias Göller
Hello, On 17.01.2008, at 11:30, Martin Ebnoether wrote: Can't help it but: BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AFAIR, postmaster should work. It's been almost two years, since I was the mail-hosli there. Hmmm, if I'm looking at what happens if you're trying to send a message to [EMAIL PROTECTED]