[systemd-devel] kexec -p option does not cause a reboot on panic

2016-10-28 Thread Dey, Megha
Hi, I was testing kexec on systemd (Ubuntu 16.04). Here are the steps I follow: 1. Install a kexec aware kernel (all the configs needed for kexec are enabled) 2. Give the following command after making sure we have set up crash memory: kexec -p --initrd= --reuse-cmdline 3.

[systemd-devel] Single Start-job remains listed after startup in state waiting ...

2016-10-28 Thread Hoyer, Marko (ADITG/SW2)
Hello, we are observing a weird behavior with systemd 211. The issue: -After the startup is finished (multi-user.target is reached), one single job (typ: start, unit: service) remains in the job queue in state waiting o There seems not to be any unmet dependency o There are no

Re: [systemd-devel] How to deploy systemd-nspawn containers and use for deployment

2016-10-28 Thread Juanjo Presa
What about rkt with systemd? https://coreos.com/rkt/docs/latest/using-rkt-with-systemd.html Any experiences? On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 2:02 PM, Lennart Poettering wrote: > On Thu, 20.10.16 12:35, Juanjo Presa (juan...@gmail.com) wrote: > > > I am comfortable with