Re: [systemd-devel] systemd and intltool

2015-10-08 Thread Jan Synacek
Michael Biebl writes: > 2015-10-07 14:43 GMT+02:00 Jan Synacek : >> Lennart Poettering writes: > >>> Happy to take a patch that removes the intltool hookup if it replaces >>> it with the right gettext hookup instead. >> >> I have

[systemd-devel] [PATCH] Kernel mac address assignment to VLAN NETDEV

2015-10-08 Thread O Neill, David M
The creation of a VLAN netdev device, as seen in the 'ip link' command, is done without specifying a mac address. The kernel determines the mac address for the VLAN NETDEV, which should be the parent mac address. This patch fixes this behavior and the resulting delivery of DHCP Offers to the VLAN

[systemd-devel] journalctl --list-boots fails

2015-10-08 Thread Lars Noschinski
[please CC me on answers] Hi, today I had to deal with my machine crashing a lot. This seems to have corrupted some journal data, as journalctl cannot lists the boots anymore: $ sudo journalctl --list-boots Failed to determine boots: No data available It was working fine earlier this

Re: [systemd-devel] Secret machine-id for RFC 7217 stable addresses

2015-10-08 Thread Tom Gundersen
Hi Lubomir, Sorry not to have responded to this earlier, but as I was just reminded of this, here are my take: On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 7:49 PM, Lubomir Rintel wrote: > the RFC 7217 specifies an algorithm for generating an IPv6 host address > that stays stable in a particular

[systemd-devel] Add ambient capability support to execution environment config?

2015-10-08 Thread Andy Lutomirski
For non-root services, getting Capabilities= and CapabilityBoundingSet= to do anything useful is rather tricky. Would it make sense to add AmbientCapabilities= to set ambient (and, implicitly, inheritable) capabilities, which will be available in Linux 4.3? Alternatively, there could be a

Re: [systemd-devel] changed property value in signal

2015-10-08 Thread Pradeepa Kumar
Thanks for reply. I am writing a monitoring application to start, stop and monitor service state. I am looking for way to know when service stoppped or failed so that i can take some action in my monitoring app. I am listening to PropertiesChanged signal and query ActiveState. This does not

[systemd-devel] How to get notified on service state change

2015-10-08 Thread Pradeepa Kumar
Hi systemd-experts, I am writing a daemon which starts, stops and monitor services and I am using dbus to interface with systemd. I send messages on dbus to start or stop the service and this is working well. I want to achieve the following: 1) Monitor service exit using the systemd dbus