[systemd-devel] container into systemd-nspawn machine

2017-11-06 Thread Juanjo Presa
Hi, I am trying to run concourse CI (CI that run build process into docker/runc/whatever containers) on systemd-nspawn. I will try to explain what i do: 1.- First I make a .raw file that install/setup app (with mkosi). 2.- Run concourse container with "systemd-nspawn -bi concourse.raw

Re: [systemd-devel] Adding a .device reload on udev change

2017-11-06 Thread Jérémy Rosen
On 05/11/2017 07:45, Lennart Poettering wrote: Ah, sorry for not reviewing this more timely. I didn't look into this again mostly out of time constraints... Because we just did a release I am not focussing so much on reviews, but try to write new code instead. And when I do reviews anyway