Re: [systemd-devel] Debian Bug#618862: systemd: ignores keyscript in crypttab - a possible solution

2015-05-25 Thread Alberto Bertogli
I hit this issue after upgrading a system that used keyscript to Jessie, and it would no longer boot with systemd [1]. That led me to look into adding a password agent for my use case, and/or creating a generic one that would invoke keyscripts as a workaround... On Wed, Feb 05, 2014 at

[systemd-devel] systemd looping too fast after an automatic attempt to restart anacron

2015-03-28 Thread Alberto Bertogli
Hi! I noticed by chance that systemd was using ~15% of a CPU in my laptop, according to top. This is on Debian testing, systemd 215-12. The machine has been up since January, but this started to happen earlier today, while I was asleep, and it seems to be correlated with an automatic restart