Re: [systemd-devel] Crond session, pam_access and pam_systemd

2020-10-16 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 4:13 PM Thomas HUMMEL wrote: > > On 16/10/2020 13:22, Mantas Mikulėnas wrote: > > > But I think you're still confusing the two different kinds of "sessions" > > that exist here. PAM open_session creates a PAM session, which > > eventua

Re: [systemd-devel] Crond session, pam_access and pam_systemd

2020-10-16 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
o PAM not authorizing it (or due to some other reason), this will still not prevent pam_systemd from registering the session and creating user-.slice and making it appear in `loginctl`. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] Crond session, pam_access and pam_systemd

2020-10-12 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 8:16 PM Thomas HUMMEL wrote: > Thanks for your answer. Still I'm quite confused. > > On 12/10/2020 18:21, Mantas Mikulėnas wrote: > > > > It's a worker process which calls pam_open_session() and > > pam_close_session() on behalf of the user@.s

Re: [systemd-devel] Crond session, pam_access and pam_systemd

2020-10-12 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
tially they provide very similar functions, especially with linger active. I also noticed that if the user gets lingered there is no such error > message (which makes me think about the creation of the crond session > through the systemd --user instance running a job) > Linger means the --use

Re: [systemd-devel] Q on serial-getty

2020-10-07 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
; "unlimited", why not use that string? > This was fixed in systemd-235 several years ago. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] Q: logrotate and "systemctl kill -s HUP ..."

2020-09-30 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
reload foo.service`. Sending HUP to ExecStartPre and ExecStartPost doesn't make sense, since those are supposed to be short-running commands – they are not allowed to actually *have* daemons. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] which such a high number ?

2020-09-25 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Fri, Sep 25, 2020, 17:46 Francis Moreau wrote: > Hello, > > I want to override /usr/lib/systemd/network/ so I need > to create a file starting with "99-" prefix. > > This doesn't seem logical to me because the numbers are supposed to > encode the priority however nothing is

Re: [systemd-devel] spurious failures of resolved

2020-09-24 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
link: usb0 > > -- Information acquired via protocol DNS in 5.8ms. > -- Data is authenticated: no > > Did I misconfigure something? Did I misread resolved.conf(5) which states > “Use > the construct "~." to use the system DNS server defined with DNS= > preferabl

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd doesn't see ttyPS0 devices from udev

2020-09-23 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
doesn't properly inform systemd about the new device. > >What does "udevadm info -a /dev/ttyPS0" output? > I can not get a console from ttyPS0, so I can not run "udevadm info -a > /dev/ttyPS0" in the target(xilinx pynq) board. > Try booting wit

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd doesn't see ttyPS0 devices from udev

2020-09-22 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
s, but that should have been already covered by the existing upstream rules: 99-systemd.rules:12:SUBSYSTEM=="tty", KERNEL=="*tty[a-zA-Z]**|hvc*|xvc*|hvsi*|ttysclp*|sclp_line*|3270/tty[0-9]*", TAG+="systemd" -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd-encrypt is a little painful

2020-09-07 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ke Kai *has* configured it that way, otherwise sd-encrypt wouldn't have had any effect whatsoever. "sd-encrypt" is the mkinitcpio module (hook) which adds the standard systemd-cryptsetup(-generator) & systemd-ask-password binaries. systemd-gpt-auto-generator should work, as it ge

Re: [systemd-devel] Journal message timestamps

2020-09-07 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ame first by comparing boot > ids. But that would still not be perfect since we could write that out > only late (i.e. after /var becomes writable), so the order before that > could not be reconstructed either if the system doesn't get that far. > Hmm, but if there's no /var in

Re: [systemd-devel] howto switch from grub2-bios to systemd-boot

2020-09-07 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
S laptop I've already had problems after merely adding/deleting boot entries too many times, and I *would not* want a write to happen on every single boot. As much as I distrust the FAT implementations in my computers' firmwares, I still trust them a little bit more than their EFI variable NVRAM m

Re: [systemd-devel] Antw: [EXT] Journal message timestamps

2020-08-28 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Fri, Aug 28, 2020, 10:06 Ulrich Windl wrote: > >>> Mark Corbin schrieb am 27.08.2020 um 12:33 in > Nachricht > : > > Hello > > > > I am working on time synchronisation issues at boot for systems without > > an RTC (using balenaOS on a Raspberry Pi 3) and have some questions > > about how

Re: [systemd-devel] protecting sshd against forkbombs, excessive memory usage by other processes

2020-08-12 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
number of processes/tasks (the default in user-.slice.d is TasksMax=33% of...something, but it could be lowered to e.g. 10% or to 4096) without affecting the service itself. So I'm sure that sshd.service and user-0.slice could be tweaked somehow to give root a higher priority at cgroup level,

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd-networkd and interface names

2020-08-10 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
That seems to be working as expected. The initial, kernel-assigned name is always going to be an incrementing eth#, wlan#, or something similar. It's up to the userspace (i.e. udev) to rename it to something custom. However, interfaces can only be renamed while they're *not* up, otherwise the

Re: [systemd-devel] Wrong interface name

2020-08-06 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
t; The kernel does not remember anything across reboots. The only way to make a custom name persistent is to rename it from userspace every single time (e.g. udev rules). -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] Upstreaming systemd patch

2020-07-30 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
t; Pull requests are usually made from your own personal repository. Use Github's "Fork" feature to get a writable copy of the repository, then `git remote add` its URL and push there. For example: git remote add fork git push -u fork -- Mantas Mikulėn

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd.timer every X days?

2020-07-28 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
I'd create a single raidcheck.service that runs daily and calls a script that itself determines which device to check, e.g. /dev/md$[dayofyear % 16]. On Sun, Jul 26, 2020, 22:56 Ian Pilcher wrote: > My NAS has 16 MD RAID devices. I've created a simple service > (raidcheck@.service) that will

Re: [systemd-devel] vt220 default for serial console still relevant?

2020-07-14 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
will just show up as garbage on screen. Google tells me VT421 supported sixel graphics. I'm not sure if any programs make use of that nowadays, but if they do, then trying to use TERM=vt421 with a terminal that doesn't do sixel will result in more garbage on screen. There are various other differen

Re: [systemd-devel] Child of daemon sending SIGCHLD to systemd

2020-07-01 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ith simple, other daemons wouldn't be able to properly order After=freecusd, but with Type=notify you only need to call sd_notify("READY=1") at the proper moment.) -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] dev-mmcblk0p2.device delay

2020-06-28 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ts marked as "active (plugged)" when udev's rule processing for that device finishes. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] howto switch from grub2-bios to systemd-boot

2020-06-22 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
sical > ext4 partition or is it required that the kernel and initrd live on the > EFI partition too? > For systemd-boot, the kernel is required to be on the same EFI partition. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list systemd-devel@

Re: [systemd-devel] networkd: how to match the only interface?

2020-06-16 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
claimed. If you have multiple, one of them will still be "eth0" and will still get the IP address... you just can't be sure *which *one. (They might even swap after a reboot.) -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] --Reboot-- lines in journal

2020-05-14 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
and it also stops the search completely if it finds a boot ID that it has already seen. (What do you get from, let's say, `journalctl -o json | jq -r "._BOOT_ID" | uniq -c`? Does it show several distinct ranges for each boot ID?) -- Mantas Mikulėnas __

Re: [systemd-devel] Extend service runtime

2020-05-05 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 1:19 AM Andy Pieters wrote: > > > On Mon, 4 May 2020 at 23:11, Mantas Mikulėnas wrote: > >> >> >> So this is basically for implementing sudo-like caching for 2FA? >> >> > Yes that's exactly it. > > >> What authe

Re: [systemd-devel] Extend service runtime

2020-05-04 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Mon, May 4, 2020, 23:31 Andy Pieters wrote: > On Mon, 4 May 2020 at 15:51, Andy Pieters > wrote: > >> Hi >> >> I'm trying to accomplish the following: >> >> An event happens -> I start a systemd service in response >> after RuntimeMaxSec is reached service terminates and cleans up event >>

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd-hostnamed/hostnamectl and transient hostname change

2020-04-27 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ts are needed.) In practice, hostnamed does not do that (although several other systemd daemons do). It was probably forgotten to implement. D-Bus doesn't care about hostnames; it's just a message bus. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing l

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd-timesyncd - use unprivileged ports

2020-03-31 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Tue, Mar 31, 2020, 22:40 Reindl Harald wrote: > > > Am 31.03.20 um 20:32 schrieb Jędrzej Dudkiewicz: > > but I understand that > > systemd-timesyncd always uses unprivileged source port? > what else? > NTP has a "Symmetric Active" mode, where both peers use port 123 as source *and*

Re: [systemd-devel] _netdev for system root mount?

2020-03-16 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
parameter as an ordering > constraint for the network block device is also not supported for system > root? > Same comment as above... how is systemd supposed to put other units before the rootfs, if they're started *from* the rootfs? -- Mantas Mikulėnas _

Re: [systemd-devel] _netdev for system root mount?

2020-03-13 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
e shutdown-initramfs.) Either way – stopping a mount literally just unmounts the filesystem (which is supposed to be a safe operation). I'd probably be more worried about iscsi.service, since the blockdev losing connection *before* its fs is unmounted is actually the dangerous part... -- Man

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd-timesyncd - use unprivileged ports

2020-03-11 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
t. > It never does just what I want, but only what I tell it. > ___ > systemd-devel mailing list > > > -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___

Re: [systemd-devel] Socket activation in parallel?

2020-03-05 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
The default mode (Accept=no) expects your daemon to remain running forever and handle *all* requests in the same instance. Basically once the daemon is started and receives the listening socket, it continues working like a traditional daemon would: start an event loop, perhaps use threads or

Re: [systemd-devel] AF_INET socket ownership

2020-03-05 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 11:09 PM Matt Zagrabelny wrote: > Hey Mantas, > > Thanks for the reply. > > On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 12:06 PM Mantas Mikulėnas > wrote: > >> On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 7:26 PM Matt Zagrabelny >> wrote: >> >>> Greetings, &g

Re: [systemd-devel] AF_INET socket ownership

2020-03-04 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ny instances of services having their own user accounts (httpd has its own, mariadb has its own, sshd has its own...) Some of them even implement the "privileged listener" model internally, e.g. httpd and sshd. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mail

Re: [systemd-devel] [EXT] Re: "[Match]" section in file doesn't match interface

2020-03-03 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
f warning: With Unicode collating sequences the ordering of such > files can sometimes be "unexpected" (e.g. comparing '-' with '.'). > AFAIK systemd itself always uses ASCIIbetical order (as it should). So it might not match with `ls` and `sort`, true, but at least it should work consistentl

Re: [systemd-devel] "[Match]" section in file doesn't match interface

2020-03-03 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Mon, Mar 2, 2020, 16:59 Felix wrote: > Hello everybody, > > I'm failing to set an alias for a link using systemd-networkd. Am I > doing something wrong? Is this a bug? > > > I'm on this systemd version: > systemd 244 (244.3-1~bpo10+1) > +PAM +AUDIT +SELINUX +IMA +APPARMOR +SMACK +SYSVINIT

Re: [systemd-devel] sd-daemon documentation clarification

2020-03-02 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
standard_output` as well. > AFAIK both stdout and stderr even get attached to the same journal pipe by default, so they should also be interpreted in the same way. The description of SyslogLevelPrefix= in systemd.exec(5) also says: "This only applies to log messages writ

Re: [systemd-devel] Read-only /etc, machine-id with an overlay - journald failing

2020-02-27 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
/etc can't be that uncommon > and it is likely PEBKAC on our end. Is there some canonical way of > doing overlays with Systemd and we're screwing things up? > If you have an initramfs, consider setting up the /etc overlay there instead. -- Mantas Mikulėnas _

Re: [systemd-devel] Systemd stop info

2020-02-24 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
normally the code should remain invisible and just make text green. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] SSL_connect fails on systemd socket

2020-01-29 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
is SSL connect request also be handled by systemd ? > No. Systemd will never read nor write the socket – your service needs to handle SSL handshake the same way as it normally would (mostly). (I haven't really worked with OpenSSL, but I'm guess

Re: [systemd-devel] SSL_connect fails on systemd socket

2020-01-28 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
st connects to server with normal connect (server will > do accept) > Your .socket specifies Accept=true, so you should remove this part as well: the option means that systemd itself will accept the connection and only hand your server the accepted socket. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] making journald logs persistent on raspberry pi

2020-01-24 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
rch hasn't found an answer. > What's the best way to do it please? > Mount --bind a persistent directory on top of /var/log/journal, using the same method that you currently use for mounting the tmpfs. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mai

Re: [systemd-devel] homed, LUKS2 passphrase encoding, and recovery key

2020-01-24 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
passphrases via Xterm or SSH. X11 programs *might* be able to do that, but I have a feeling it'd be a bit kludgy and unreliable... And either way, it would mean a passphrase entered via X11 couldn't be used via CLI and vice versa. -- Mantas Mikulėnas __

Re: [systemd-devel] show journalctl while stopping?

2020-01-23 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
I don't think cron jobs are very high on systemctl's priority list. Certainly lower than interactive use by the sysadmin. And if you actually have to write a cron job, you can just add --quiet and be done? -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd-detect-virt API

2020-01-21 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ould also avoid permission problems in case any detection methods require root.) -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] EXT :Re: Systemd udev add tag for boot device

2020-01-13 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
's a bit different from what is generally called the "boot" partition... -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] Hotplug auto mounting and masked mount units

2020-01-09 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
. (Which IMHO was quite useful with 'auto,nofail' combined.) This was removed in systemd v242. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] Cannot create 'home' directory systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service

2019-12-30 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
nd systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service > dependency? > Check /etc/tmpfiles.d and (/usr)/lib/tmpfiles.d for anything that mentions 'home'. Run `SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL=debug systemd-tmpfiles --create` as root and search for mentions of 'home'. -- Mantas Mikulėnas __

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd unit file to remount /home /tmp /dev/shm /run with nosuid, nodev

2019-12-30 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
a drop-in > configuration file snippet > '/lib/systemd/system/systemd-remount-fs.service.d/30_remount-secure.conf' > using 'ExecStartPost=/usr/lib/security-misc/remount-secure'? > Honestly I think this service should not exist, and instead be a static /etc/fstab or .mount unit configuration

Re: [systemd-devel] disable EDNS in systemd-resolved

2019-12-27 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
* automatically detect lack of EDNS support (grep the system log for "feature"). Do the queries simply time out, or do they get rejected? Make sure you don't have DNSSEC support set to "yes", since it depends on EDNS. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___

Re: [systemd-devel] How to handle staged installs with a Systemd unit?

2019-12-26 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 9:29 PM Jeffrey Walton wrote: > On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 9:35 AM Mantas Mikulėnas > wrote: > > > > On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 2:46 PM Jeffrey Walton > wrote: > >> > >> Hi Everyone, > >> > >> My program package inclu

Re: [systemd-devel] How to handle staged installs with a Systemd unit?

2019-12-26 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ws.) So in short I would suggest: * Staged install: Do *nothing* except for installing the files. * Non-staged install: Enable the service if you really need to (or create the .wants symlink by hand), but do not start it. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ syste

Re: [systemd-devel] Service that runs with network credentials

2019-12-10 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ials for network access but that won't have anything to do with the service's local UID/GID. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] Service that runs with network credentials

2019-12-05 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ccount, i.e. you cannot specify non-local accounts in User=. But that's fine, because on Linux it wouldn't give you any network credentials anyway. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] busctl method array

2019-11-30 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Sat, Nov 30, 2019, 13:52 Damian Ivanov wrote: > Hello! > > I have been looking around the documentation and could not find the > specification on how to call a method with an array as parameter. > busctl --user call /path/ method_name > "sssas" "string"

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd startup

2019-11-25 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ccidental because one service is slower than another. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] How to compile systemd v219

2019-11-25 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
537972a4f5b687f41cc0, for GNU/Linux > 3.2.0, stripped > Did you build from tthe Fedora RPM or manually from systemd source? Debug info is usually removed during packaging using `strip`. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list systemd-d

Re: [systemd-devel] No error even a Required= service does not exist

2019-11-25 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
quot; is not a valid unit name? > It's not a valid unit name if it doesn't have a ".type" suffix. `systemctl start xyz` will just auto-expand it to xyz.service or something that makes sense for systemctl, but systemd's configuration files do not accept such shortcuts. -- Man

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd startup

2019-11-22 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
tion which will provide an interactive shell in the initramfs environment before pivot happens. Note that `systemd-analyze plot` accepts --from-pattern and --to-pattern to limit the units that will be shown. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd

Re: [systemd-devel] need help with undestanding a udev warning

2019-11-16 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
n update and not a comparison. There are two dm rules using IMPORT{}=="..." and it really seems like they should be using '=' instead. It seems that the old code accepted literally any operator except '-=', so maybe that's where the weird rules with '==' and '+=' come from. -- Mantas Mikulėna

Re: [systemd-devel] how to debug kernel panic which generated by udevadm at systemd?

2019-10-15 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
uevents by writing 'add' to each found device's /sys/.../uevent file. (The second is systemd-udev-settle.service, but it is disabled by default on most systems and just waits for udev's job queue to empty.) -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel ma

Re: [systemd-devel] Unit dependencies for socket activated services

2019-10-13 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
l network-online is reached, and early connection attempts will immediately fail. If you put them in foo.service -- the socket will be always listening, but the service startup will wait until network-online is reached, and early connection attempts will be queued u

Re: [systemd-devel] RFC: luksSuspend support in sleep/sleep.c

2019-10-10 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
; graphical stack is running on the system. But we haven't looked into it > yet, so it might well be impossible to do something like this. > > But since the graphical interface is running already, I doubt that we > would have to copy the whole stack into the ramfs. We certai

Re: [systemd-devel] Journalctl --list-boots problem

2019-10-08 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
t work. Should I disable the > /lib/systemd/system/systemd-machine-id-commit.service and create > /etc/machine-id myself using something like the MAC address and some > random numbers? > > Cheers, > Martin. > > > > > On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 9:29 PM Mantas Mikulėnas

Re: [systemd-devel] Journalctl --list-boots problem

2019-10-07 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
Run both with SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL=debug in the environment and compare. Does your /etc/machine-id remain the same across boots? On Mon, Oct 7, 2019, 20:32 Martin Townsend wrote: > Hi, > > I'm trying to get journalctl --list-boots working but it always shows > the current boot > > # journalctl

Re: [systemd-devel] Unit dovecot.service has failed

2019-10-02 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Thu, Oct 3, 2019, 06:24 Masaru Kitajima wrote: > Mr. Harald > > Thank you so much for the detailed information. I tried two commands which > you kindly suggested. The results are as below. > > [root@vhost /var/log]# stat /var/run > File: `/var/run' -> `../run' > Size: 6

Re: [systemd-devel] org.freedesktop.systemd1.manage-units - which unit?

2019-10-02 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Wed, Oct 2, 2019 at 5:58 PM Ian Pilcher wrote: > On 9/26/19 11:49 AM, Mantas Mikulėnas wrote: > > In JS-based polkit rules, the action usually comes with 'unit' and > > 'verb' polkit variables -- according to src/core/dbus-unit.c: > > > > if (

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd-analyze shows long firmware time with sd-boot

2019-10-02 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
sed on this mailing list thread, it looks like qemu-kvm did not reset the TSC on soft reboot in the past, and I'm not sure if the patches to make it do so were actually applied or not: -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___

Re: [systemd-devel] user slice changes for uid ranges

2019-10-01 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
, or "session [success=1 default=ignore] user ingroup wheel", etc. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] user slice changes for uid ranges

2019-09-27 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
.g. user-1X.slice or user-10:20.slice > As far as I know there isn't a good systemd-native method for this, but you can dynamically set slice parameters during PAM processing, as in this blog post:

[systemd-devel] TPMs on Linux (was Re: Make systemd-localed modify the kernel commandline for the initrd keymap?)

2019-09-27 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 3:33 PM Mantas Mikulėnas wrote: > > On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 3:18 PM Alberto Ruiz wrote: > >> >> >> On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 12:50 PM Lennart Poettering >> wrote: >> >>> On Mi, 25.09.19 16:50, Hans de Goe

Re: [systemd-devel] Make systemd-localed modify the kernel commandline for the initrd keymap?

2019-09-27 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
out there without a TPM module that Fedora > cares about > That's the main problem. Only two of my several still-reasonably-modern x64 machines have TPMs, and one of them is TPM 1.2 which requires the completely unmaintained Trousers stack. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] org.freedesktop.systemd1.manage-units - which unit?

2019-09-26 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas > "I grew up before Mark Zuckerberg invented friendship" > > > ___ > systemd-devel mailing list > >

Re: [systemd-devel] networkd - how to (partially) manage OpenVPN interfaces?

2019-09-26 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
n Interface that is > not fully managed by systemd-networkd? > There are post-up scripts for OpenVPN which can load DNS configuration into systemd-resolved:

Re: [systemd-devel] Trying to decipher a patch made in Centos 7 RPMs

2019-09-24 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
void making LZ4 the *default* format for compression, making sure that e.g. compress_lz4 remains NULL despite the LZ4 library being present. (I'm guessing one reason is that the LZ4 library already changed its framing format once, and CentOS wants to stick with the stable xz format?)

Re: [systemd-devel] Spectre V2

2019-09-23 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
Spectre mitigations. It looks like an automatically assigned UID – check `getent passwd 975` or `id 975` to find out what it is. If it's actually the "gdm" account (which had a similar issue on Arch recently), use something like `chage --expiredate -1 gdm` to u

Re: [systemd-devel] How to only allow service to start when is met?

2019-09-17 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ork-online which creates a flag file under /run, then use "ConditionPathExists=/run/already-online.flag". -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] Watchdog problem

2019-09-08 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
t was in the original unit file can be overridden. When using drop-in configs in a ".service.d/" directory, you cannot override dependencies (only append to them); most other options can still be overridden. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel m

Re: [systemd-devel] systemd backlight:acpi_video0 fails, no such device

2019-09-01 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
t > lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 0 Sep 1 19:57 intel_backlight -> > > ../../devices/pci:00/:00:02.0/drm/card0/card0-LVDS-1/intel_backlight > Could it be that acpi_backlight is loaded at first, but gets replaced by intel_backlight before systemd could react? -- Mantas Mikulėnas

Re: [systemd-devel] Antw: systemd prerelease 243-rc2

2019-08-22 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Thu, Aug 22, 2019, 16:38 Ulrich Windl wrote: > >>> systemd tag bot schrieb am > 22.08.2019 > um > 13:56 in Nachricht <>: > > A new systemd ☠️ pre-release ☠️ has just been tagged. Please download > the > > tarball here: > > > > * On 64 bit

Re: [systemd-devel] Update .Xauthority on hostnamed change

2019-08-22 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
s will tell Xorg to accept all connections from its owner based on UID, removing the need for Xauthority in the first place. (Several display managers already do this.) Note that programs can use poll() on /proc/sys/kernel/hostname to know about hostname updates independently from systemd-hostnamed. --

Re: [systemd-devel] Environment Variables are not getting passed to a child script started from a service

2019-08-21 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ripts. Create the pid_dir using RuntimeDirectory= (or tmpfiles.d), then just start yarn-daemon from ExecStart directly with User=yarn. And probably more importantly, don't start multiple services from a single .service unit – it will never work well... (Chances are, if you do this, you won't even *n

Re: [systemd-devel] EXT :Re: Deferring start of service until file exists

2019-08-20 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Tue, Aug 20, 2019, 20:43 Reindl Harald wrote: > > > Am 20.08.19 um 18:56 schrieb Boyce, Kevin P [US] (AS): > > If this gets figured out, I would love to know how to do it as well. > > > > My experience with systemd is that it will proceed to start other > services once the dependencies have

Re: [systemd-devel] Need help detecting local/remote targets

2019-08-20 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Wed, Aug 21, 2019, 01:15 Tony Rodriguez wrote: > I modified systemd-219 functionality to meet a custom requirement for > detecting filesystems/devices that use iscsi without using the _netdev > keyword in /etc/fstab. It is a strict requirement regarding not using > _netdev that I have no

Re: [systemd-devel] Openvswitch-problem to start

2019-08-13 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ot shows that it's an openvswitch configuration problem. Use "systemctl status -a ..." to see the full error messages, and then go to the openvswitch community for help with those. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list systemd-devel

Re: [systemd-devel] devilspie2 user service issues

2019-08-06 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ideas or pointers on how to properly start devilspie2 under a user > systemd instance? > Remove it from and place a `systemctl --user start devilspie2` in your session's normal autostart files (e.g. ~/.config/autostart/*.desktop for GNOME). -- Mantas Mikulėnas __

Re: [systemd-devel] Health check for a service managed by systemd

2019-07-26 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
the service is ready; /bin/systemd-notify as an external binary doesn't work very well; and the way you implement PID existence check means even a completely crashed/exited daemon won't get restarted until watchdog timeout expires... Consider something already made for this purpose, such as Monit. --

Re: [systemd-devel] Logs from a service is not showing up in journalctl but showing up in syslog

2019-07-25 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
, just not tagged with UNIT=kafka.service anymore. In some distros, `su` is actually configured to call pam_systemd and set up a new systemd-logind session – when this happens, the process is moved out of kafka.service into a user session scope, and its syslog messages are grouped accordingly

Re: [systemd-devel] failing unmounts during reboot

2019-07-25 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ecute commands before the unmount happens, is that > right? Sth. like "ExecPreUmount=" would help here, especially if there > was sth. like a umount@.service that would be called for every umount > with e.g. the mounpoint accessable with a variable. > No, there isn't. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] vconsole for handicapped or older people

2019-07-22 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ole and generally happens automatically as soon as udev starts. (Possibly even during the initramfs? I use early-KMS on Arch, no idea how that's done on SuSE.) On the other hand, if you're using the proprietary nVidia drivers, I'm not sure if those support a framebuffer at all? -- Mantas Mikulė

Re: [systemd-devel] Antw: sd_journal_send non-blocking call

2019-07-18 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
tagram _is_ UDP > UDP is datagram, but datagram is not always UDP. "UDP" specifically means the datagram transport protocol that runs over IPv4/IPv6, nothing else. Unix sockets (AF_UNIX) have a datagram mode but they do not use UDP (or IP). Netlink is datagram-based but it isn't UDP-based. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] "Unknown lvalue '' in section 'Service'"

2019-07-18 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
an 'lvalue' > > anyway?...) > > Well if the variable with an empty name is valid, it's an lvalue and it's > name > is the "unknown" value (if you like to argue that way). IMHO variable names > consisting of empty strings are a bad concept at least... > Yes, and Zbigniew's PR adjusts the parser to not allow empty names. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] "Unknown lvalue '' in section 'Service'"

2019-07-18 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
s matched to an internal handler. The error message *could* be clearer if all such errors had a common "Parse error:" prefix, I guess. (And what's the point of calling it an 'lvalue' anyway?...) -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] Antw: sd_journal_send non-blocking call

2019-07-18 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
e sd_journal_send_non_blocking(). > > I want to use this call in an application where I cant make a blocking > call > > for logging. > > > > Regards > > > > Sent from Mail for Windows 10 > > > > > ___ &g

Re: [systemd-devel] OFFLIST Re: systemd's connections to /run/systemd/private ?

2019-07-09 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
tly came from the mailing list software, > and I did not realize that until I hit 'reply': > > Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2019 11:21:13 +0100 > From: > To: Brian Reichert > Subject: OFFLIST Re: [systemd-devel] systemd's connections to >

Re: [systemd-devel] Problem with sd_listen_fds(0)

2019-06-27 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
n value. > As this is a stream socket, by default the program will receive the *listener* socket. Systemd will start your service as soon as someone connects, but your program still needs to accept() each connection first. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___

Re: [systemd-devel] SonarQube Service Help

2019-06-12 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
ou start the daemon without using at all? What does the --debug option mean for this script? With Type=forking, when the initial ExecStart process (i.e. the shellscript) exits, the service is "started" and whatever child process is left over gets marked as the service's main pr

Re: [systemd-devel] dirsrv fails to start

2019-06-12 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
m. If dirsrv itself fails to start, please investigate the dirsrv logs first. -- Mantas Mikulėnas ___ systemd-devel mailing list

Re: [systemd-devel] keyrings and dbus

2019-06-11 Thread Mantas Mikulėnas
On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 1:58 PM Josef Moellers wrote: > On 11.06.19 12:45, Mantas Mikulėnas wrote: > > On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 1:08 PM Josef Moellers > <>> wrote: > > > > Hi, > > > > We have seen

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