Re: [systemd-devel] How to deploy systemd-nspawn containers and use for deployment

2016-10-19 Thread Nathan Williams
Fwiw, if you're using Chef, the impending release of v3 of the systemd cookbook has a machine_image and a machine resource, which use importd and nspawn under the hood. On Wed, Oct 19, 2016, 3:45 PM Lennart Poettering wrote: > On Thu, 13.10.16 01:09, Brian Kroth

Re: [systemd-devel] ruby bindings

2016-10-04 Thread Nathan Williams
yes, i think it would be great to have a single library supporting all the systemd features, and perhaps at some point i can donate the dbus-systemd code to such a project (not that there's much to it, just a thin systemd-specific layer on top of the great ruby-dbus work), but so far as i'm aware,